Friday, February 23, 2007


First Anna Nicole Smith dies, leaving a worse mess behind then she was creating every day of her life.
Then Brittany Spears takes up where Anna left off, shaving her head, getting some new ink, and parading around for the cameras acting like she’s all bent cause they’re photographing her!!
Two of my idols breaking my heart.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, I left a comment on one of my favorite bloggers blog, jokingly questioning why I wasn’t on her top friends list yet, and she slams my blog.
Say’s my layout isn’t attractive, or organized enough for her to consider it.
BUT, and it’s probably a big BUT, she might make an exception!!

I’m crushed!!

It’s like someone stops by your home, and then runs around telling everybody what a slob you are!
Dust in the corners, dirty underwear under the bed, the toilet hasn’t been cleaned for months. Empty pizza boxes with mouse turds, piled up in the kitchen, and the empty beer bottles stashed on the cellar stairs.
I feel like I showed up at a black tie affair wearing an AC DC tee shirt, dungarees, and a holey pair of sneakers!
What will you have sir? Got any Pabst Blue Ribbon? No? Well how’s about a Ballantine ale? Grabbing a fist full of scallops wrapped in bacon.
Ice cold though, gets a skunky smell to it when it’s warm!!
Words cant explain how humiliated I am!
Or how skunk piss smells, if you’ve never experienced it!!
My first thought was to go out to the garage, get in the car, roll the windows down and start er up. Pop in the Justin Timberlake CD and Just slip off to the sweet here after in the comfort of the fine Corinthian leather.
Only one thing stopped me. I don’t have a garage! Or, for that matter, a vehicle with fine Corinthian leather!

It’s been a couple of tuff weeks.
Brittany coming unglued, the trial, Annas going to be buried in Texas, or Nassau. Who is Danny Lynn’s father? As if the trial wasn’t enough of a three ring circus, Judge Seidlin breaks down during the closing statement.
Did I mention Bridgette Moynahan is having Tom Brady’s baby. Wonder why she broke that to the press?? What’s the saying about a woman scorned??
Then to top it all off, the Red Sox open spring training and Manny Ramirez calls in to announce he’s going to be late!!
Seems he’s got a car auction to attend!!
So my blog is a mess! Stop by anytime, anyway. Don’t worry about wiping your feet, Just don’t trip over anything.

I gotta go build a garage!!!

PS If you want to check out a well designed blog, CLICK HERE!
Or if you just need someone to talk to Try here!
these guy’s are always sympathetic!


  1. That about sums it up!

    Hahahahaha. I peed a little, just so you know. Not that it would make a difference in this mess!

    Well, you've managed to weasel your way onto my blogroll. Congratulations. You are the first blog with a crappy template to get on.

  2. REALLY?
    Oh my god, your joking!! I can’t believe it?
    I promise to clean up my act. Honest!
    Well at least the pizza boxes, the mouse turds are starting to gross me out.
    Oh yeah, and you know how us men are about promises. We usually only make them to get something we want. But then that’s giving away man secrets. So never mind.

  3. I know it far too well. That is how I learned to take everything men say within a grain of salt.

    "I promise I won't fall asleep...again." Ha! Men.

  4. There all going to hell. So says the Devil Dawg.

  5. You sure like Jesus a lot. Maybe when you get a chance you can come visit me in hell. Its a little dark right now. I am having a little trouble starting a fire. I guess I lost my fire starting to that tick bite I got a long time ago. Its a cold day in hell I guess.