Tuesday, April 3, 2007


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I know, a lot of you are disappointed. You came by to see what this crazy man was bitching about now.
Well to be honest, my heart isn't in it tonight.
That handsome fella to the left is making his final preparations for deployment. Maybe tomorrow, but at least by the end of the week.
We spoke to him for a little while on the phone Sunday night, and he wasn't so gung ho, and chipper as he has been.
I can imagine the anxiety of heading off to a country where everything is strange.
And having to worry about every car parked by the side of the road, abandoned box, or pile of rubble being an IED.
To have to wonder if every car, even the one with women and children, might be the one that blows up and ruins the rest of your life, however short that might be.
To be honest, I wish it was me going.
I'm going to dread this next year.
Every time the news about more soldiers being wounded, and worse, comes on the television the wait will be unbearable.
I mentioned my disdain of the press for rushing that news home before the military has a chance to notify families.
It should be out lawed.
God willing, we'll get through this.

On a lighter note, I've been in touch with a few of the other members of the 4th Stryker Brigade, and they are eager to stay in touch.
I'm busy setting up another blog to use as a forum to post the info they send back, as well messages and photos from friends and family. I hope I can help keep everyone in touch.
It would be nice if the friends I've made through this blog will do a little something to show support from time to time.
I'll be looking for other authors to interview, and as guest contributors.
I've got a zillion ideas, we'll see where it goes. My only goal is that the new blog is for and about the soldiers and their families. I'll keep the lunacy on this blog.
As soon as I get the new spot up and running, I'll post a link.

Until then, lets all eat a little more healthy!!

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How do you like that spell check Suzy?

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Well Mic, I know you been wonderin what I look like! I got all polished up. But the Chablis blushed!!

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We've got a small rat problem, (actually it's a big rat, but a small problem,) here in Hog Hollow. At first I thought this was the damn Easter Bunny. That was the first thought, the second thought was I gotta quit drinkin!!

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Figured I throw in a pic of my new ride.
The pink seat shows that I'm in touch with my feminine side!!
Great gas mileage, the ice is killing me though!


  1. Well, my heart goes out to you dad.

    Talkin to a young un todat that will be 18 in june and headin out in july, marines.

  2. Gotta love em.
    Makes me hate the fargin protestors all the more.
    Bunch o cowards I say.

  3. Well, you certainly remember the protestors of the vietnam war, when it was`nt voluntary. Were they cowards or just pissed off spolied brats?

    Someday I`ll tell ya about the dead protestors that tried to burn a flag in front of this old hippy.

  4. I was one of them! The protestors that is!! Until I realized that it wasn't bout bringing the troops home, and how much hatred there was for the soldiers.
    So I joined.
    I got spat on, had urine thrown at me, called a lot of names, and all when I was on my way home for Christmas leave, before I even graduated from basic training.
    I still speak my mind, and bitch about things I don't agree with, but you won't catch me at any of their rallyes.

    All in favour of the draft say amen!