Thursday, April 12, 2007


I'm a little tired of all the bitching, and worrying. So tonight I'm going to take you along on a lobstering trip.
I've got a good friend downeast, that's a commercial lobsterman, and I usually manage to get on board a few times a year.
The next time you put the bib on in a restaurant, if you didn't already, you will have a little better idea of where the prehistoric monsters come from.

It's five am of the coast of Small Point Maine, and this is rush hour!!

In my spare time I like to go lobstering.
On the coast it's called fishin, and tonight I'm going to post a few pictures that will give you and idea of what it's about.
If you've never eatin a lobster, you don't know what your missing.
If you have, here's where they come from.

On the way out to haul traps, the bait bags have to be filled. The bait is usually herring, or red fish, and smells like what it is. Dead fish.
The deader smelling the better, cause that's what the crustaceans like.

Here's dinner now.

It gets pretty crowded, even six miles out to sea.

These guys were probably a half mile away.
I've got a pretty good zoom on my camera.
But the scenery is marvelous.

Here's a view of Seguin Island Light that people pay $25 dollars for a tour boat to see.

Here's a trap fresh out of the water.

And if you have a good day, you end up with a couple of crates full!

That's about 275 pounds of lobstah at $4.25 per pound at the dock.
By the end of they day we had two more crates full. When they get to the market, they bring about $7.99 per pound, last summer, and for you Midwesterners, and left coasters, I would imagine around $10 to $12 a pound.
The lobsters from around Rhode Island north are the only ones in the world with claws! I don't know why that is, but I can tell you that the claw meat is about the sweetest and best of the whole lobster.

On the way back to dock, the deck has to be scrubbed.
Not the most fun part of the day, but it beats filling bait bags.
Then there's the lunch time view from the office window.

In the sound, leading up to the docks, there's usually some pretty nice boats.

Looks like they forgot to put some back?

Somebody parked in the wrong spot?

Truthfully, if you have ropes wound in the prop, it's a lot cheaper than hiring a diver, to pull up to a spot that will be high and dry when the tide goes out and cut them out yourself.
In six hours the tide will be back, and you can float away!!

Now this guy is hoping the lobsters are into rock climbing.

There's a lot of poverty down east. I don't know how some of them get bye?

Now all we got to do is pull up to the dock, off load, put on fuel for tomorrow, and it's Miller time.

Some people you'll never see Lobstering.


Sweet dreams!!


  1. Just reading about it makes my mouth water.....

  2. Pot of boiling water, a little melted butter, and ice cold Heineken, it doesn't gst any better than that.Unless the Swedish women's volleyball team delivers the beer!

    Slumming tonight S?

  3. Now I know what that smell is whenever i come here.

    That last pic, your wife?

  4. Mic, one could only hope!!
    notice the hot red panties?

    Luin, call ahead, they'll be boiled and waiting.

  5. Rudy, heh called you mic,What was I thinking?

    What are you doing slumming here in the center?
    you lunatic from the far right!!

  6. mmmmm....lobster!!!

    I have always wanted to visit Maine.

    Oh and btw...where in the heck did you find that pic of me at the bottom??? j/k!!

  7. tink, I didn't know that was you?
    Why wasn't the pic included in your wedding dress post?

    I can see a wardrobe malfunction in the very near future!!

    I spend a lot of time in Maine, if you ever get a chance to visit, do it. The best time is in the off season, less crowds, and great rates. Nothing like a walk on the beach in winter to clear the mind.

    Thanks for stopping by.