Sunday, April 15, 2007


I almost didn't get this edition in.
The weather here is so damn miserable today that its down right depressing!!
I figured if I didn't get it down, one of my friends that stop bye would get dissapointed and not come back.
Figured I din't want to risk loosing a quarter of my readers.

As I mentioned the weather here today borders on rediculous.
I don't care what the weather pixie says.
It is 35 degrees, has been all day, and raining!
It snowed like hell for a couple of hours first. We got about an inch and a half. Then turned to rain, and has been raining hard ever since.
Depressed yet?
Well we can't have that.
I figured I post a picture of the old homestead.

We've been having problems with burglers in the park, so I devised the security system you see toward the front of the home.
Simply nail a 2x4 up so it goes up over the window so it can't be pried open!
I know, it's brilliant. I've got my patent application filed, and just waiting to start marketing it.
hopefuly it will fill in the slack times in sales of the Kitty Carrier.

Your probably wondering why the wall is bulged out down beyond the door?
Well, the king sized water bed was a little to heavy.
I'm glad to report that nobody got injured.

One week untill trout season opens, and I don't have my boat uncovered yet.
Heywould's been catching some nice ones in his favorite hole.

He hada wicked good buz on, and threatend to do bodily harm if I disclosed the where abouts of his fishing hole.
Word of caution, don't fall in the hole made by the water bed on the way there.

Well that's enough of that madness.

Remember to stop by and say hi to the ladies, and thank them for their good work in sending off the troops from Bangor.

Tell them I sent you!!


  1. Asshole,
    You can't comment on the topic of a post. You leave moronic jokes that prove how stupid you are. Stay off my blog!

  2. My vote for best blog?
    See above!

    Where's the love Rudy?

  3. Rudy, you got a lot of room to talk, ya fuckin bruce !!!

    Stay the fuck away from mine too.

  4. *clears throat

    that cat carrier is too funny ( :

  5. Well, at least you don't live up here - we got about 10 inches of very wet snow. I'll take a paltry 1 and a half any day.

  6. Mickey, your being a little tough on the Beav.
    You shouldn't get all worked up like that!! You'll shorten life.
    If I'm going to shorten my life, I woant it to be doing something worthwhile!!

    Luin, I know, I saw that on the weather, it sucks!!I'm ready to get my boat on the water and do a little fishing!!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. dad- my anger pulls me through.

  8. Dad
    If I was angry, I`d be TALKIN LIKE THIS !, k ?


  9. OK!!!!!!!!!!!
    Luv to stay and chat, but Heywoulds bugging me to get over to Rudy's blog and give him something to delete.
    HeH HeH