Monday, August 6, 2007

All's Well!!!

I finally got an email from Matt.

He's doing well. Seems a good friend of his over there decided to re-up for another year, and got a five day vacation to Qatar on which he could take a buddy. Matt's getting to go. I hope it doesn't entice him to re-up. But if that's the route he chooses, we will support him.

Here's Matt and a friend in the square where the statue of Saddam was toppled. (I think)?

That's him on the right. Pointing.

I think he's pretending to be able to read Arabic?

Or maybe he can...

This one says it all.

Guess he got my sense of humor!!

It was great to hear from him.
I was thinking, as I sometimes do, yesterday morning on my way to get a coffee, how people don't often ask how he is!
Oh, I don't mean you guys here on line.
I mean friends of ours, and co-workers, or the people who work with me. They seem to be uncomfortable. Sort of like when you come across an old friend who has lost a loved one, and you don't quite know how to approach them.
What to say?
The ones who do ask, are almost apologetic for bringing it up!
I can say, from my experience, that I don't mind at all! I like talking about Matt, and how he's doing. But I guess I can understand why someone would be hesitant about bringing it up.
Someone asked me, a while back, how I felt about his being over there? At the time I answered that I really didn't know how I felt. I tried not to think about it as much as possible, unless I was talking with somebody about it. Dwelling on it in my "me time" was something that I tried to avoid. It was just to depressing!!
As time has gone by I've come to feel that it is probably similar to having a child who has been seriously injured in an accident. You have the prognosis that he should come out of it and be ok, but there is that chance that he might not. Every day that goes bye with no bad news is one day closer to his being out of the woods. Every time he calls, or you get an email is a great day, and a giant step toward that day when he'll be home.
Then the news comes.

*"Truck bomb in northern Iraq kills 25".
"A truck bomb in the northern Iraqi town of Tal Afar killed 25 people and destroyed about 10 homes on Monday, police said".
What a shame! But thank god he isn't in Tal Afar!! Or, is he? Yesterday he was in Baghdad. Did they move?

**"Four U.S. soldiers died on Monday in an explosion while on combat duty in Diyala province in Iraq, the U.S. military said".

He was South East of Baghdad Sunday. But there's no telling where the missions take him. So you wait. Look at his MySpace page to see if he signed in, and worry, until a couple of day's go by and no word,(no news is good news), or you get an email or phone call from him.
This is the cycle of daily life for a deployed soldiers family.

Any tough guy that tells you he doesn't worry a bit is lying to you!!

Or maybe he's just getting through it the only way he knows how!!

As for me?
I like talking about my feelings and Matt, with anyone who cares to ask!

I appreciate everyone who says they'll pray for him and us!!

I'm just a dad doing my best to cope, and reassure the rest of the family that everything is going to be ok!

Thanks to all of you who drop me a line, or leave your well wishes in comments here!
It makes my day.

God bless you all!!!!

*Associated Press writer Sinan Salaheddin in Baghdad contributed to this report. - Sapa-AP.

**From Rueters.


  1. See, now while you're worried about Matt, I was worried about YOU. I mean really now....20 days with no word. Not a nice thing to do to a girl with a heart condition!!

    Good to hear from you. Glad you heard from him. I pray for him (and others) every time my blog comes up.

    Some face life head up, shoulders back, others knees bent head bowed. Doesn't matter really. Just gotta do what needs doing.

    Smile today!

  2. Welcome back! Glad you heard from and very, very happy you heard from Matt. We think about him often.

    A few of us with sons overseas have by accident found each other. One of the moms, whose son is special forces, works at Starbucks here. She has been able to persuade customers to donate a pound of coffee for every pound they buy. Mark's unit is "coffee'd up" so we have been looking for other units to support. The coffee comes fresh ground and sealed in plastic bags to preserve the smell...don't know if Matt would be interested.

    I can be reached at

  3. ID- Glad to hear the good news.

    Did you get fired ?

  4. I've went corporate(theMickey's)

  5. M&M, Thanks for the kind words, thoughts and prayers!!
    I've been doing well. Trying to keep myself busy with work etc.
    I'm on the board of directors of my Rotary club, and a non profit corp. trying to get a Theatre that has been closed for years renovated and reopened, and playing golf, and getting out fishing. All while trying to keep the oil and propane business running. Plus it has been hot and humid as you know what here in the North East. We don't have central air, and it was so cool earlier that I didn't bother to put the window unit in the dining and living room area, so I just couldn't get motivated to sit in the computer room and write!!
    I have a thermometer with a remote sensor on the deck. The other day at noon it read 124 degrees in the direct sunlight. Real temp was 95, but the humidity was 90%.
    I suppose you see a lot of that though?

    Good to hear from you.
    I know Matt was hooked on Dunkin Donuts coffee when he left, so I would suppose he'd like some of the good stuff.
    I'll email his address to you shortly.
    I'd post it here so everyone could send stuff, but I worry about who might be looking in.
    My tracking software shows hits from Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia often.
    Thank you.

    Mickey, Corporate? You? Fired? Me? nope, but thanks for asking!!
    Are you working on a cure for swine flu?
    Sorry I haven't been around lately. Wait till winter. You'll get sick of me again!!
    You keeping an eye on our old buddy Rudy lately?

  6. I read about you and your son on Suzy Soro's blog today and was very moved. Thank you for sharing your family with us.
    Martha Jane

  7. not the 90% humidity I don't...too far inland, thank God. What you're describing is the armpit of Texas (aka Houston) never have figured out why so many folks choose to live there!

    Say, seeing as how you're "in the biz" have you ever heard of Traver Oil and Gas out of Louisana?

  8. Hey Infantry Dad, My husband and I are also infantry parents. Our feelings mirror yours. Everything you said about waiting to hear from them, have they moved, has he been on his MySpace account is so true.
    Also, the part about friends not asking how he is or if we have heard anything. I often wished people would ask. Now that he is preparing for his second deployment, I don't want people to ask anymore. I don't want to talk about it. I am in denial mode I think. If I don't think about it, it isn't happening, AGAIN. He will be deployed 15 months this time, a very very long time IMO. My son's name is Cpl. Calvin Anderson.

  9. Lori, would you like Cpl Anderson added to my prayers for soldiers sidebar?

  10. Seems like our news media concentrates more on reporting how many dead in Minnesota's bridge collapse, or how many possibly dead in Utah mine disaster, but they hardly report on Iraq casualties... I wonder what makes some deaths more important than others?

    Hope your boy stays safe.

  11. Hey Dad,

    Coffee is packed and ready to go in tomorrow's mail (sent an e-mail to that effect). Don't know if you saw the news about the Shiite pilgrimage in Baghdad last week....happens to be Mark's AO (area of operations). We talked to him today...they've just finished a year in country. They are significantly under strength and bone tired..Hope the Starbucks works for Matt.

  12. M&M I have never heard of Traver Oil & Gas. Why?
    Lori, Thank you and hang in there.
    Keep in touch, I'd like to know how Calvin is doing.

    Mark, Thank you to you and Gail.

    Martha Jane, Thank you.

  13. Sorry I haven't been around lately. Wait till winter. You'll get sick of me again!!

    We're closed winters.

  14. Mic:
    Sorry. My bad!
    I forgot about the new corporate you.