Saturday, September 29, 2007


That is something I've been waiting twelve years to say, and it sounds great.

Sure they've won a world series since then, but not a division championship.
They usualy play second fiddle to the dreaded Yankees.
But not this year.


Got a email from Matt this week. Sounds like he's doing well. They've moved to a location near the Iranian border.
Hmm Wonder why?

He said they haven't been mortarred since arriving. A common occurance at FOB Falcon.

He also said they are moving again soon.
Hope it's not across the border?

An email from Matt.
The Red Sox win the A.L. East.
It's a beautiful day here in the North East. Clear blue sky, bright sunshine, and 63 degrees.
The foliage is starting to take on brilliant colors.

I'm off to play in my high school annual alumni golf tournament.
Mom's hip is healing quite nicely.
I'm in a great mood.


  1. nice to hear.

    golf? Whats your handicap? I mean other than the obv...

  2. Hey Dad,

    Congrats on all the good news. We are in the midst of a northeaster with a red tide. A ton of dead fish on the beach.

    Great news about the Red Sox...and Matt. We hit our "stop-mail" date we expect moods to improve here in about five weeks.

  3. Did you catch the little factoid that the Red Sox were the very last major league baseball team to sign a black player? Yep, 1959, from what I hear. Not important to know; just interesting. Somebody had to be last, I would suppose. Anyhow, Congratulations!

  4. Mark, Great to hear. I can't wait till you write that he's home.
    Let me know if their coming through Bangor, and if your going to be up that way. I may be able to get you a great rate at the Holiday Inn near the Airport.
    And just maybe I could be up that way on business, and we can meet in person. They've got a great lounge at the inn.

    Chief, nice of you to stop bye.
    I knew that the Red Sox under former owners, the Yawkees, were rather biggoted, but I didn't realize they were last to sign a black player.
    I remember Pumpsie Green playing left field for a couple of years, and remember that he had some problems with the team and Boston in general.

    How about those Packers.
    Did I mentin that as a boy, in the Vince Lombardi days, they were my favorite?
    Paul Hurnung, Bart Star et al.

  5. I love the Red Sox and hate the Yankees.

    Therefore, I am smart.

  6. hey dad,
    so glad to hear you're doing well, Ive been busy the last few days and just now catching up...forgive me?

    63?? It's 93 here!! But it did rain this AM so today was a bit better....down in the 80s anyway...

  7. Go Red Sox....wonderful game. I love it when they are on national TV...we don't see them much down here.

  8. MM, Good to hear from you.
    It's summer here again.
    80s today and thru Saturday. Not supposed to get to 60 with rain on Monday.
    That's New England for ya.

    Mark, Beckett was untouchable last night. To bad we don't have three of him.