Tuesday, October 30, 2007


What a simple word.
Yet it can mean so much.
In the Japanese language one word can mean many things determined by who speaks it,
the voice inflection used.
And who the word is being spoken to.
I'm not one who says sorry easily.
It's not a word I take lightly.
When I am sorry, it’s usually for someone who is less fortunate than I.
Or someone who’s feeling pain for one reason or another.
Maybe they’re ill or have been injured, or simply out of sorts for one reason or another.
But when I'm most sorry is when I've either wronged someone through something I've said, or done, or forgotten to do.
While running the risk of insinuating that what I write in my blog is of any great interest to anyone.
Or assuming that because I don't post for several days, that anyone really cares.
I have to say that I'm sorry to those who check in on a regular basis to see if I've updated my blatherings.
I've just been exhausted lately.
I check my tracking reports and see that often times more people stop by when I don't post.
You have to understand that while I am flattered when people stop bye, and especially when those who do, find something that I have to say worth commenting on.
Traffic isn't what I’m all about.
This is more often then not just the mind dumping of a dad who's nerves are in pieces because one of the five most important people remaining in his life is far away, in a strange place, living amongst people who's greatest ambition in life is to kill him.

Rather than post, I've found I get a lot of comfort from reading the blogs of others who are in the same situation, and trying to offer my support and point of view thru commenting on their writing.
I've found several that inspire me.
The ones that truly move me are listed in my side bar in two categories.
The 1% Club, and,
Friends of the Family.
Neither is more or less important than the other.
They’re just different.
Both groups are equal to me.
The only difference is that I share a common bond with the 1%ers.
A bond that no-one need be envious of.
Several soldiers check this blog frequently.
Feel free to leave a comment of support for them.
Until they’re all home safe,
may god bless them and keep them from harm.


  1. I totally understand your predicament (sp?) about going some time without posting. As the readership grew with my blog sometimes I felt like just not posting. Lately finding "inspiration" to talk about going out and doing the same thing over and over is hard. But then I worry that if I go too long, then people may worry, especially when in Iraq. So I tend to not cross the 1 Week Barrier. There are times when its hard, but I have found writing to be a release for me, so it helps.

  2. Ed,
    Your right.
    When you think about it though, people who have come to know you will worry daily about your well being anyway.
    You've given us who have someone over there, and those who have not a focal point. A mind and a set of eyes on the situation.
    I think I speak for many when I say your posts are something that add a little light to our day.
    Keep up the good work, post when you can, don't when you don't have the energy.
    AND stay safe.

  3. "This is more often then not just the mind dumping of a dad who's nerves are in pieces because one of the five most important people remaining in his life is far away, in a strange place, living amongst people who's greatest ambition in life is to kill him."

    I hear you Dad, I hear you. FYI, we heard from the FRG this a.m. Bravo made it out of Iraq and will board a plane today for the States. I don't think they are coming through Bangor this time...but it's almost impossible to tell. I know you are counting the days...we are almost to the point when we can count the hours. :)

  4. Just over two weeks? Lots to do: Stock up on brew; Get a haircut; Wash the sheets; Take time off work... if you work; Buy NoDoz; Fill the fridge; Fill the gas tank; Practice smiling; Make sure the grill works; Fluff up the pillows; you get the picture, so get busy!

  5. Dad also, I'd like to say I envy you.
    I don't.
    I am so happy for you and your family, and MOSTLY Mark, that it brings tears to my eyes.
    Our day will come.
    Enjoy yours.
    Someday, if you’re so inclined, email your mailing address.
    Christmas is coming.
    Yes, us frugal, (that’s Mic Mac for cheap Chief) New Englandahs do send Christmas cards.

    Chief, Thanks for reminding me.
    I’ve been busy stripping carpet painting walls putting in new windows, building a handicap ramp for mom, fixing plumbing. I could go on, but you get the picture.
    Great to hear from you though.
    Hope that butt ugly critter you call a dog won the contest.

  6. boy, I must say that is an ugly dog! :-)

    hey dads!!

    good news. I just found out spc Baker will get R&R stateside for Thanksgiving! Now, how cool is that?? I'm sure Joy (his wife) is thrilled! he was deployed in April, told 12 months.....then told 15...now told possibly 18...you know the dance.

    when your boys get home, take pics with them. I'm thinking of a "put faces to our heros" post whaddaya think?

    Cookie over at the cook shack put up a painting of a fallen hero and it really makes these soldiers real to those out in blogland who just see names and numbers....anyway, let me know your thoughts!

    Dad, your #s go up cuz we keep coming back to see if you've posted yet...haha.

  7. I know mom, I know.
    And thanks for checking.
    As it gets colder and snowy here in the North East I will have more time on my hands, so you'll get sick of me.
    Thanks for dropping in

  8. I put up that post about one of our fallen heros.

  9. Happy Veteran's Day to you Dad, and to Matt also!

  10. MM
    Thank you.
    From me, and for Matt.
    Who, by the way, called yesterday from Kuwait.
    He's doing his paper work, and waiting for his flight instructions on his way home for mid deployment leave.
    While I rarely think of Veterans Day as a happy occasion this one is.
    My best to you and Subvet who is in my thoughts with all the other vets today.

  11. I'm tired of people that tell me I am anti-troop because I don't support the war. I don't have to have one of those "Made in China" We Support our troops magnet. People shouldn't get in my face about my anti-war stance. I protested Vietnam and I protest this war. I have "Skin in the Game" and want him home safe sound and in one piece. My blog: http://wiseguy-skininthegame.blogspot.com/