Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's Time

I've Had it.
I'm done with this three year old state of the art latest technology piece of crap computer.
I can't stand it anymore.

The only thing keeping me from ripping the wires out of it, setting against a tree out back and putting a couple of rounds of 30/06 thru it is that it'll take me a week to get the new lap top I'm buying.
I was out comparing yesterday, but didn't want to rush into anything.
My mistake.
Did I mention that this unit is a piece of crap!!
Yes I did.
It bears mentioning again.
In three years I've replaced the mother board a hard drive, the monitor, and performed several other procedures to keep it running.
While I can do this myself, it is a major pain.
Not to mention the aggravation of continually tinkering with it to make it run at minimal performance.
It's is sick again.
I have to shut it down and restart just to connect top the Internet, half the time.
It loads windows in quarters, and today I can't open the window in Blogger to return comments.
I've had it.
If you don't hear from me for a couple of day's it will be because I've committed the unthinkable and murdered this piece of crap.
Hope all is well in the blogosphere.


  1. I feel your pain, but this new one isn't a whole lot better.

    We have to try repeatedly to get online and I HATE VISTA...just in case I haven't shared that with you yet.

  2. Vista blows.

    Most Microsoft stuff does, and I own stock in the damn company!

    Anyhow: what about a MAC?

  3. I had the choice of repairing an old laptop with XP and buying a new Vista based computer. Chose to repair the old computer because of Vista issues.

    Converting my software to Vista would have cost a bazillion dollars.

  4. Thanks to all.
    This is good to know.
    I wasn't aware that Vista was a problem.
    I checked on Mac lap tops.
    the base model is around $1500.00 as opposed to a HP 9600 something, don't realy remember the #s at around $1000. Wit 17" monitor.
    And 2 gigs of memory, because size matters, and I have a need for speed.

  5. MoM,
    If you have dial up service, and your provider doesn't have adequite servers, you'll have problems getting on line.
    I'm on DSL, wit Road Runner, and not really happy with the service.
    I think they've oversold their servers, and bandwidth, as the service is crawling compared to what it was when I first signed up.

  6. I have DSL, it's an issue with the comp, when you first turn it on, everything loads and you go to connect it won't connect, wait 5 min and try and it will, once connected it's quite quick and lovely. My biggest problem (now) with Vista is that the damn thing asks me to double check every single thing I do. Every time I open a program, I then get a message saying that the program is trying to open, do I want to continue?...then usually there's at least one other saying the program is trying to access some file do I want to continue and so on. ON my blog the stupid thing won't just let me click on the icon to create hyperlinks cuz of the "scripted window" it opens and so I have to "temporarily allow scripted windows", then try again, then say yes I DID JUST DO THAT MYSELF and then I can type the hyperlink addy. It's a pain (can you tell?) That and nothing is compatable. I don't know if it affects laptops the same, but I had a Norton 2006 that became trash, a printer that was useless and a monitor that wouldn't interface. I"m actually surprised that I didn't have to buy a new computer desk as I was having serious doubts IT would be compatable with Vista!!

    I know a fair bit about comps and programming languages and I really just wish someone would sit down with me and explain exactly WHY I couldn't use any hardware or software I already had. I mean, is it DOS based or not? Is the binary code written in 9s and 7s instead of 1s and 0s??? WHAT IS THE DEAL???????

    Sorry, venting.....I'm better now.

  7. I saw something on tv or youtube once that had a guy destroying his apple laptop. Apple got wind of it and sent him a new one.

  8. 98se, dialup, 512mb...homemade
    likes a challenge--->

  9. Oh, I forgot to mention, because of all our "extra Vista related" purchases, the $500 comp we went in to buy ended up costing us $1600, and they didn't sell anything WITHOUT Vista. Be forewarned.

  10. I've still got my first Tandy, 25 meg in the box down cellar.
    Maybe I'll dust the old girl off and giver a go...

    Does anyone sense that MoM is just a skosh stressed out about all the Vista issues?

    It's supposed to be fun Ms.

  11. me??? stresssed?????????

    this OS has quite a bit to work out before I'm gonna call it "fun"....but I do love the cool monitor!