Sunday, May 4, 2008


Just me and a buddy hanging out in down town Puerto Vallarta.
Frogs are wonderful people too.

I think he was hitting on my lady???
You be the judge.
But who could hate a frog with a face like that?

Funny what a few Buffalo Wings, chicken quesadias, and Dos Equis will do for your mood.

Well maybe a little more than a few Dos Equis.
No worries mahn, a great time was had by all.

Another day ends in paradise
A view we got to witness every day in Mexico.

And one we saw only once.
This is the moon setting, while the sun was coming up in the east, making for a surreal purplish, pink hue to the ski.

Well there's the good times, now the

We received the stop mail date for HHC 2-23rd INF 4th BDE.
While I can't share the exact date, (FRG cautions against stating dates on blogs and web sites, because bad guys are watching), I will say that it is sooner than later.
Karen and I are busy putting together our itinerary to head out to Washington State to be there when the buses roll onto base.
There is a certain amount of anxiety about all of this.
The official home coming ceremony won't be until a month after they arrive.
At this time we feel it more important to be there in the crowd for Matt, and other returning soldiers who for whatever reason won't have anyone to greet them.
Hopefully someone else will take our place at the official ceremony.

We got a message from Matt this morning. He will be on the last plane coming home.
It seems he was one of six soldiers selected to accompany the Battalion Commander, XO, Command Sargent Major, and Top, (First Sargent), and the Battalion Colors, and American Flag, and present them as they march into the welcome home ceremony.

While he claims he would rather be on the first plane, as in his words, "I can't wait to be out of Iraq, and the middle east, and don't want to spend one day more than I have to here no matter the honor," he understands the magnitude of the duty that has been bestowed upon him, and will do the service proud.
Words can't begin to do justice to the feeling of pride I have in him, and all of our soldiers.
It's moments like this that force me to reflect on those brave soldiers who won't be marching into the hall on that day.
It sure makes for a mix of emotions.

This is something that will affect the soldiers and their families for the remainder of our lives.

When you see a tear trickle down the cheek of a person during the playing of the National Anthem.
Or at a Memorial Day service.
You are probably looking at someone who has shared in the sacrifice that many have experienced.
For those who haven't, it's ok.
If you feel the need to honor those who have, you can do so in many ways.
Walk up to the next soldier you see, and simply say thank you.
I find that difficult, because emotion over takes me, so,you don't have to say a thing if you can't.
A simple thumbs up says volumes.

Or you can say thank you in my comments section on this blog. There are a few soldiers who read this from time to time.

Or attend a Memorial Day Service and share in the moment.
Your presence signifies the honor, respect, and gratitude that is most appreciated.
If you care to experience the camaraderie, join your local American Legion.
If you have never served, you can join the Sons Of The American Legion, (SAL). Your dues will go to help veterans, and there are a multitude of fun functions, committees, and projects that you can help with.
All you have to do is stop by the post, sign up, and your in.

May God bless and protect the 4th Brigade in their final weeks of service in harms way, and all military personnel serving where ever they may be.

Thank you for visiting, and don't forget to share your thoughts on the way out.


  1. That's what I like to hear!

  2. So your operating under the cloak of anonanimity (sp?) now ey?
    Well thanks for honoring us with a visit.

  3. Awesome news, Dad. We will keep Matt and the rest of 4th Brigade in our prayers.

    Coming soon: Boots on the ground!

    Thanks to everyone who has been there, is there or will soon be going.


    I'm gonna dance Dance DANCE!!!!!

    No better words than Boot on the Ground Safe and Sound!!!!!

    I'm so excited for you and your family I'm crying.

    Great news indeed!

  5. Dad,
    As always THANKS.

    MM, a few weeks yet. While we're excited, it is reserved excitement.
    Unlike the unbridled type that will come on the day in Washington when the buses off load.
    That is going to be excitement.
    Thanks for being here...

  6. oh yay yay yay!!!

    By the way, we are starting the Parent's Zone, for milparents (parents of serving military) would love to have your input.


  7. LAW, Thanks for stopping bye.
    I'll check your new place out soon.
    Thanks for the kind words.

  8. 'dad,

    What great news, I can't wait until we get the words Boots on the ground!
    We pray every night for the safe return of all our young warriors. I feel like Matt is part of the family and having just gone through the returning son affair with Jacob know how you feel. Words can not express the reserved feelings of joy.

    I know you will let us know when he gets home and after the tears of joy have dried, tell him there is a family in Ohio, and thousands of families around this great county we live him that want to just say to him Thank you Matt, Thank you for your service!

    G-d Bless,


  9. Dad,

    I am very glad to hear your son will be home soon, I will pray for him to have a safe return to you. Boots on the ground is always a good thing and I always pray for the men overseas that are serving! Our troops amaze me with all they sacrifice for us1 As my husband gets ready to fly out in a few weeks himself I know that every time our men return home safely we continue to defeat the enemy and it proves there is no greater God than the one that protects our soldiers everyday! Tell your son I said thank you and God bless!

  10. Thanks Pops,
    Our feeling are the same for Jacob.
    We will be in Washington State when they arrive and I hope to post pictures of "boots on the ground".

    God bless, and thank you for your kind words and prayers.
    I truely believe in the power of prayer.
    Trusting the lord as our guide sure makes life a lot easier.
    Even when things don't work quite as we had hoped, we know that its all part of the grand scheme.
    If you would care to pass your husbands name and unit along I'm sure we will all return the prayers.
    Thank you for stopping bye.
    Don't be a stranger, there's a lot of good people here to support you.

  11. I went back and found that I've been coming by here and "knowing" you and Matt since July 4th. So I've been awaiting his return for almost a year now. Wow, has it been that long? Is that only how long it's been? Feels like both a day and a lifetime to me.

    Yes, it ain't over till the fat lady dances....but the dawn is coming.

    love ya

  12. MM,
    What can I say?
    It's difficult to wish 15 months of ones life away.
    Especially at my age.
    But that's exactly what I've done.
    while Matt coming home will be a huge releif, I still won't rest easy until all of our combat units are out of Iraq.
    Thank you for being here for all of us..
    God bless.

  13. You're thanking ME???

    Geez. that's bass ackwards!

    what saddens me is that I believe ever since 9/11/01, none of our military are gonna be "out of harm's way" as I believe the terrorists will follow them wherever they go.....

    oh ignore me, I'm melancholy this morning. that's what happens when your patient calls 911 from their hospital bed and tells you to get lost.

    another day, another dollar.

  14. MM Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!

    I can handle the terrorist thing, and I understand there will be military actions, and aid to countries trying to become democracies.
    I can handle our soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, where they are truly fighting terrorism.
    My issue is with fighting civil wars for other countries. And especially civil wars between tribes, and religious factions, that have been going on for centuries.
    Iraq, Isreal/Lebanon, Ireland, to name a few.

    Patients can be an unruly lot now can't they.

    Hope you get to take a little time to smell the roses today.


  15. I'm so happy for you all!
    Sorry I've not stopped by. We have had no internet for almost two weeks, it's nothing new but a real pain in the ass sometimes.

    I used to cry out of pride during the National Anthem, now I cry for the loss of the freedoms that our Grandfathers fought and died for, along with the fact that our constitution has become nothing more than a "piece of paper".

    I hate the stop loss program but I also hate the fact our military is all over the world and leaders are wanting to start yet another war.
    Maybe instead of a draft we could try communication and diplomacy?
    Maybe finish the wars we have going now before we start the next?
    It's not like our troops aren't able to kick some frigging ass when allowed to do so.

    Thanks for sharing the pics!


  16. Agreed on all points Bunny.
    I hope I didn't come off as being a proponant of war.
    Or the draft.
    My point is that something needs to be done to relieve the troops that ar fighting the battles that our leaders are bent on fighting.
    I could go on and on, but I won't.
    Maybe in another post.