Saturday, May 24, 2008


Fourteen days and counting.
Seems a shame to count down the days of one's life?
This has been fifteen months of my life that couldn't go by fast enough.
Days that I just as soon I hadn't had to go through.
But we did, the whole family that is, and now we are anxious for fourteen more days to go by quickly.

Am I happy?
Well maybe.
But not without a certain amount of apprehension!
I have to keep reminding myself that while we are oh so close, we aren't there yet.
How happy will I be on the day that Matt and I come face to face for the first time in what seems like an eternity?
Well, I guess a picture is worth a million words.


  1. Sometimes the last few days are the longest.

    We did it by mileposts:

    Stand down;

    Hang in there, Dad.

    And don't forget lobsters in July :)

  2. "DAD,

    Like Airborne Dad said, we did it by stages too. Out of the COP, @ Taji, Baghdad International, Kuwait, US of A.

    Hang in there. You'll make it.

    Hey, what's this lobsters in July stuff? Partying when Matt gets home!

    Yeah! Don't forget the adult beverage!

  3. Two posts in a row mentioning seafood. Now I'm hungry, how cruel is that?

    Less than two weeks to go, right on! You guys keep mentioning dancing. I've found no happy dance is complete without at least one the men involved doing the splits. That's right - the splits, and Mom and I want pictures!


  4. Thanks to all.
    I have no doubt that we will make it.

    Pop, you'll have to ask ABD about the lobsters.
    hint (It has to do with the Jaguars and Patriots).

    Bunny, if I do the splits it will take a team of surgeons to put me back together.

  5. Pop,

    I foolishly bet a lobster dinner on the outcome of the Patriots v. Jaguars playoff game. The Jags have never beaten the Pats in the playoffs in franchise history.

    At any rate, I am heading to Boston in late July for my niece's wedding. I am hoping to extend my trip an extra day to pay my debt. :)

  6. first a fish fry, now a lobster dinner???? good grief!! I'm gonna find out details and come crash your party!

    TWO WEEKS!!!

    I'd better get my dancing shoes on!!!

    Oh Dad, I'm so excited!!!

    Happy Memorial Day!

  7. Hi folks,

    I feel like a thorn in a rose garden, I get to root for the Bengals or Browns. Oh yeah!!! (sic) At least the Pats and the Jags get to the playoffs..Today is May 30, Not long now. Just think how nice that lobster will taste. Saying prayers every night!

    I still think we need a video of Subvet and Mighty Mom doing a victory dance.

  8. Pop,
    Thanks again for being there.
    9:55 Sunday morning we will be on our way to Washington State.
    Hopefuly by Wednesday night we'll be dancing.
    I will be in touch.

  9. well, I'll dance and will post it...but I seriously doubt you will ever see Subvet dance on the internet! heeheehee.....

    Wed wed wed wed wed.......can't come fast enough!

  10. Dad,

    Multiple reasons to celebrate: June 1 is our 34th anniversary.

    And your trip to Washington for a long-awaited homecoming.