Saturday, November 8, 2008


Another long time between posts!
I just don't seem to get the inspiration to write often.
Preferring to browse, and comment on the posts of friends made during my time here on blogger.

The turn of events in our government this week lit a fire under me.

The dismantling of the Republican party that started two years ago, was far reaching.
It amazes me the the party wasn't bright enough to do something to fix their issues and thus avoid this blood bath.
They had to see it coming?
Could it be that the rank and file are so conceited that they chose to ignore the warnings of their constituents, and continue business as usual?
Or do they honestly feel that business as usual was the way to get the country out of the mess that their leadership decisions, or lack there of, got us into.

Anyone who follows financial matters could see the train wreck coming in our economy.
Could it be that one or the other of our political parties accelerated the process in an effort to create a situation that made the other look bad at election time?
Or maybe one party or the other thought they could be the hero by bringing the dilemma to the front, and coming up with a miracle fix thus becoming the heroes, and gaining momentum in the election.

Nah, our government wouldn't stoop to such low measures.
Or would they?

Well, we all know how it worked out.

Eight years of George Bush ruined the Republican Party.
I don't think our reputation will be fixed any time soon.
We fell asleep at the wheel.
We should have been screeming for our elected officials to fix this mess early on.
While I'm worried about how a Democratic controlled congress will change the way we live.
I don't believe in our government taking from anyone of us to give to another, preferring that our non profit agencies take care of inspiring us to donate towards helping the less fortunate.

I believe that President elect Obama will head us in the right direction.

Lets all stay awake, and be certain that our voice is heard by contacting our congressmen and telling them how we feel.

What do you think?

Tuesday is Veterans day.
I'll be attending a memorial service as a member of my American Legion color gaurd rifle squad.
How will you honor our veterans?


  1. I'll give him a big kiss! that's how I'll honor my veteran.

    and to you friend! WOW!! you posted!! I'm all of a dither!

    and a good post it is too.

    Seeing as how there are records of Pres GW Bush screaming/asking for control of Fannie and the other one from as long as 6 years ago and the Democratic congress kept telling him to sit down and shut up I don't see how folks keep laying this at Republican feet. but that's just me.

    We Conservative Republicans need to regroup and unite. There are more elections than presidential ones and I personally have been guilty of ignoring those. Because of the interest this election has sparked in me I realize that actually it's those "smaller" elections that matter most.

    And oh boy do we need to get on the horn to our "representatives" and tell them to represent us dammit!


    glad to hear from you.

  2. Mom,
    Good points.
    I went back and re-read the post, and I guess it appeared that I pointed the finger of blame squarely at Republicans.
    My bad.
    I meant to blame the elected officials in general.
    As I see it, they were all at fault, and we were right there with them for letting it happen.
    We as Americans need to ALL get involved in our government.
    Or we risk the vary freedom that our soldiers are fighting and dieng to preserve.