Sunday, March 1, 2009


If you agree, as I do, that the U.S. Army's policy of "Stop Loss" is an unfair way to treat personnel who have fulfilled their contractual obligation to the Army in an honorable manner, please take a moment to review my petition calling for the end of "Stop Loss", by clicking on this link, Online petition - End Stop Loss, and reviewing a petition I plan to present to the President and Secretary of Defense.

If the link above doesn't work, please cut and paste this link to your browser.

If after reading the short petition you agree and would like to support my effort, please sign it.
You may remain anonymous, however should you elect to provide your name, and email, it will be kept confidential, and you will receive a personal note of thanks, and support from yours truly.

Please forward this email to all of your friends, and associates who either have loved ones serving, or know someone who is.

Feel free to cut and paste, or create a hop link to the petition.
If you don't know how to create a hop link, ask and I will show you.

Remember, this is in no way intended to show a lack of respect for our military, or soldiers who have decided to re-enlist, or who make the Army their career.
I admire them for their conviction.
This is a grass roots effort to indicate our displeasure that our soldiers are being, or may be forced to stay in the Army against their will after fulfilling their obligation.
As always I welcome all comments.
God bless our soldiers and keep them safe.


  1. No it is wrong for soldiers to be forced to stay in the army after they have finished their duty. They need a life as well and being in the army is a very stressful and difficult job. Once they have fulfilled their commitment they should be free to do whatever they want to do job wise.

  2. Melissa, thank you for stopping bye.
    Please take a moment to sign the petition. We need numbers in order to get the government to pay attention.
    Do you have someone serving now?

  3. Signed, Sealed, Delivered- I'm yours!

    Brilliant idea Dad! I think this is a really cool effort.

  4. LL
    Thank you.
    Please ask your friends and fellow bloggers to take a look also.
    It is important that they understand that this isn't a scheme to get traffic to my blog.
    Our soldiers presently serving will probably not benefit either, other than knowing that we care enough to try and protect their rights, while they protect ours.
    It's also important that people not take this as an any military position.
    I admire our military, and love our country. When something is wrong with either, we as good citizens need to speak up.
    HMM That sounds like a post..
    Thank you for your help.
    I think about Christopher often, and hope that he's safe...


    Mr. Infanty Dad,
    i admire your position and situation. i fully understand your point of view and that of your son. i would also be willing to bet that if i polled soldiers asking what they thought of stop loss, 95% or maybe more would agree with you and your convictions. i on the other hand do not. i have had a view from the other side sort a speak. i know that if it wasnt for my soldiers, including the ones stop lossed, my job, our mission, and this war would be much harder then it has to be. stop loss is only used on a need to use basis. we need experienced soldiers and leaders in the combat zone. the more new soldiers on the battle field the more dangerous it becomes.
    they say NCO's are the back bone of the army, if thats the case i would say that experience is the back bone of a fighting force in a war zone. we absolutly need that experience. if stop loss is stopped, i will be afraid to go to afganistan on my next deployment. i know i will go over there with new soldiers and leaders who get promoted before there ready because positions need to be filled. thats scary to have unqualifed people protecting me and our country. basis training doesnt qualify anyone to do anything in the army. soldiers come to there units raw. they know little to nothing and are built from the ground up. it sucks trying to train and teach soldiers on the streets of baghdad. i rather them know already what to do so that rather then me teaching them that, i can be developing them into future leaders.
    it may seem like im trying to change your opinion, i really not i understand your point of view. i just tring to justify mine. lol, i still love you blog and will watch intently to see what happens with your petition, but i can not sign something i disagree with. but no worries im sure you'll get my wifes vote and most everyone else who reads or is referred to your blog. best of luck, and tell matt to hang in there. your friend SGT MCNEIL.

  6. ok my husband. i have to say you are wrong. i compeltely agree with you!it makes sense to me. yeah it sucks, but i would rather have the best of the best with me too. even if you were stop lossed( which wont happen i dont think cuz your in for life) I wouls say it is majorly crappy, but would understand it! SO HA!!!!!!
    AND to you infantry dad-----
    sorry. hope i cause no hard feelings on your end. your family is in my prayers and thoughts everyday.

  7. SGT M,
    Read my next post for some answers, and my opinion.
    Please call me John.
    Mr Infantrydad is a little weird. lol.
    I appreciate your opinion. Maybe you'll understand a little better where I'm coming from when you read the next post.

    Jen, I appreciate your opinion also, and respect you for speaking it.
    that's what being an American is all about. :?)

  8. Leaders are not born, they become strong, as leaders, by developing that experience as situation calls for it. As a young PFC, I went to war under NCO's who had no experience. Did that make my leaders any less effective? Not at all.

    By the time I was a SGT, I had soldiers with no experience under me who knew what the right thing was, and how to do it well. They did as I did when I was a PFC with no experience, and they excelled.

    War is not to be avoided, lest we have a nation incapable of supposedly defending itself. SGT is wrong--we do not need leaders to lead, we need men to step up and lead, else we find 20 years from now, a war with no experienced leaders and men incapable of becoming leaders. So be it.

    Yet, fear not. It seems our government will make sure to find a way that every military generation (as defined by 20-year retirement cycles) will have a war to train and be experienced in. Don't believe me? Look it up yourself and decide whether war is to be avoided, or whether it is enacted.

    It isn't about defense. Turn off the TV and do the research. The pattern is staggering. Stop loss is a tool because the military way of life is finally seeing a day where there is no glory, and nothing is gained (for America). Instead, much is lost. This loss is not sustainable for our administrations' imperialist/acquired resources' plans. It really is that simple, and it sickens me.


    13stoploss i respect your opinion and service but i disagree on some of your points. i really dont know if this is the fourm for a rebutal, so i will wait on that.

  10. SGT M.
    Feel free to use this forum.
    This is a great discussion.
    From both sides!!!!!!