Friday, August 7, 2009


August 7th?
Almost three months since I posted.
Summer, all four or five days, has all but come and gone.
I've played golf five times.
Had my boat on the water twice, but that's a whole different story.
And life is just flying bye.
Matt has been home since May 15th.
We left Tacoma on Tuesday, May 13th at 800 hrs, and drove into our driveway in New Hampshire on Saturday, May 17th at approximately 16:30 hrs. Not a lot of sight seeing.
I have found it hard to get motivated to post.
While Matt was in Iraq it was a great stress reliever, and made the time pass.
And it was great to hear from people who were in the same situation, or who just wanted to offer support.
To say that life has become once again normal would be a lie.
While there is a lot less stress, there are still the memories.
I have dreams of things blowing up, and being shot at, and isolated, and of people getting hurt and not being able to help them.
Much the same as the dreams I had while Matt was deployed.
I still have times when I suffer the same depression brought on by the worry of having a loved one in harms way.
I wish I could tell everyone with a loved one serving in Iraq or Afghanistan that when their son get's home it will all be great.
But I can't.
Don't get me wrong, it is a whole lot better.
There's a lot less worrying.
But it doesn't go away.
Or at least in my case, it hasn't yet.
I hope to find another cause to take up here in the blogosphere.
And when I do, I intend to continue to do all I can to support our heroes serving in harms way.
Until they all come home.

Thanks NUGHT for rattling my cage.

Now it'll probably be another couple of months before I post again.


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere. Maybe you can use your current experiences and feelings to help other families going through this experience.

  2. You are right, Dad. It doesn't go away. I'm right where you are. Maybe that's the war dads.

  3. Glad the boy is home...mine came home in May also. It's good to have him home, but now he's about to begin the transition of getting out of the Army and looking for a this economy. I pray that his plans work out...he has a wife and baby depending on him to do just that. Prayers for your son, also..... :)

  4. welcome back, even if it is short lived. You'll find your voice. Life has a way of always creating stress and conflict. That's your voice. Your a good writer and by you own admission, its therapeutic. This blog doesnt have to be about your son or about the military anymore. It can become a catch all for any and anything thats bothering you or that's been on your mind. Your a smart guy, you'll figure it out.

    Hey im going to be home in about a month. I have 100's of pictures and video's that i havent been able to load on my page. if you want i'll send you some of them through email once im back... I was dubed the combat camera man out here within my squad. Now after two combat deployments, I'm thinking of reclassing to photojournalism, or plain journalism. I want to learn more about writing. I enjoy it but have never been taught how to do it.

    best of luck man, stay in touch.

  5. hey before i forget. Im an avid horrible golfer. I miss it terribly though. If i ever find myself in your neck of the woods, maybe we could play a round. I shoot in the mid to low 90's, but i just bought new clubs so hopefully that can push me into the 80's... Time will tell.

  6. Bet you're a millionaire after this winter; sposed to be the coldest in some time; or sum time, or...

    Ah, I used to feel the same way you do. I took a long rest. In fact, I'm retired now...and drunk.

  7. hey i just wanted to pass along alittle news...

    the army is now paying retroactive stop loss payments to those who were stop lossed. I want to say it's like 500 dollars a month for every month or part of a month that you were stop lossed. The army of Dude has all the links and info on this... tell matt to get on the ball and get a nice little paycheck for himself on uncle sams dime.

    hey drop me a line some time...

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