Monday, January 22, 2007

Ask The Candidates

Another bloody day in Baghdad.
An Iraqi gentleman that I've been comunicating with thinks that the escalated violence is a an attempt by the Mhadi Army to add to the growing disaproval of President Bush's plan to send more troops. "The Surge".
I wonder. If they continue to attack our troops their plan might just back fire.
We are a vindictive lot, us Americans.
One need only think back to the 9/11 incident to see just how vindictive.
We, spurned by Bush, standing in the rubble, proclaiming that the perpetrators would pay, and we were out to blow Afghanistan off the map.
There isn't a day goes bye that I don't think that my son may be over there soon.
I tell myself that I believe in destiny. If time comes, it comes. I tell myself that he is doing what he wanted to do when he signed up. Should he meet his destiny over there, I guess it was doing what he wanted. Then I think how cliche.
I have to reassure myself that he's a pretty crafty fella, and he's going to be alright.
That's what helps me sleep nights.
That's what gets me through the days.
I still worry a lot.
So I started this blog. To help pass the time, and maybe get to know some others going through the same thing. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters.
I've yet to hear from anyone, though several people have visited my blog.
I've also become vigilant of goings on in cyber space.
I'm becomming active questioning politicians, trying to be sure I know whats going on in their minds.
I want to know the answers to a couple of things.
1) What is their opinion of the war?
2) Do they have a plan to end it and get our troops out?
3) Do they have a plan for affordable health care?
4) How can we make higher eduction more affordable for all.
That's it, four short questions, but ones that anyone runing for president should have answers for.
Im going to start with, HilloryClinton TomVilsak,
I will post others in future blogs.
God bless America, and keep our troops safe.


  1. There are many things that are being missed concerning our country and its leaders. One of them is a number of our elected officials are not elected officials. By this I do not imply that we do not elect them but that these people we elect are funded my big business. The cost of running a winning campaign is unheard of. Those and those that fund those campaigns are the ones running our country. Our politicians no longer wish to be elected to do a servise to us as people they are driven to politics by greed. No I do not imply that there aren't any politicians who do not except kick backs but there definetly those that do. Also it would appear that it is almost impossible for those who are not recieving private funding as it is called to get anywhere as a politician or to be noticed so that we actually might be able to make a true judgement as to who should lead ustil this way of funding campaigns is stopped we most likely will not ever be led by someone who is there to serve the people but instead will continue to be led by people who are driven by greed and by serving the few that fund them. Are country was established by people getting away from the very way we now live but now there is no place for us to run. This war that Bush has involved us in is not about the spread of freedom and democracy. Its not about stopping terrorists. It is driven by grred. Why else were we lied to and taken advantage of at a week time like 911.

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