Sunday, January 21, 2007

The State Of New Hampshire, Legal Pot, yatta yatta

While this one is not in keeping with my military theme,
it does fit in well with my displeasure with the way our government is being run.
See the article at,, to get a better handle on what I'm talking about.
This is an e-mail I sent to the state representative involved.
Rep. Burridge,Well, you certainly created a little excitement in cyber space, now didn't you?
Let me start by saying that personally I am not in favor of legalizing marijuana.
Not for the reasons that you post in your response to Mr. Iselin, but because I fear that legalization would be cause for regulation, which equals more government involvement.
I wonder if those pushing for legalization have thought out the ramifications?
Once government gets involved, there will be age restrictions, sales licenses, or permits, an agency formed to regulate sales, and so on. Do supporters think that government will pass a bill legalizing marijuana, and people will be popping up on street corners selling pot? One need only take a look at the trouble hot dog vendors have in Keene!! Or the individual who posted signs offering free rides for people in need. ( a good samaritan decided to offer free rides to appointments, doctor etc., to those in need, and put up signs around town to make people aware. The city government got involved and made him take them down do to signage regulations). I am in favor of government having less to do with our personal choices, and spending their time on more important issue. A fair way to fund education. Less expensive higher education. Affordable health care.Bringing our troops home from Iraq. The bottom line here is that among your constituency there are those in favor of, those opposed to, and others who just could care less about HB92. As will be the case in every bill you vote on. It is your obligation as our elected representative to put your ego, and opinion, aside and listen to all of us. Then incorporating your opinion, with an unbiased approach, decide how you should vote, in good faith, and good conscience, to represent the well being of the majority of us. To report a constituent to the police for asking you to support legislative action on his/her behalf, while posing no threat to anyone, is irresponsible representation at best. All though my political beliefs are more in line with what use to be Republican core values, I voted for Democrats in all but one case, during the last election. I did so because of my displeasure with the way our country is being run. I'm sick and tired of elected officials deciding what is best for me. I'm sick and tired of politicians changing laws and the constitution to meet their needs and support their personal agendas. From what I see, so far, of the Democrats elected to change all this, I wonder if we didn't jump from the frying pan to the fire? Yours is a difficult task at best! You are going to be right with some, wrong with others, on every decision you make while in office.When it is all said and done, I hope that you were right with the majority, most of the time.
Representative Burridge's way of thinking is what is inherently wrong with our government's way of operating.
They, our elected officials, have become so much more intelligent than we have.
regardless of what we think, they know what is best for us, and vote on bills based on their opinion, rather than our desires.
That is unless big money lobbyists get involved and by their opinion.
From what I see coming out of Washington lately, the massacre of the Republican party in the last election, did not send the message loud enough or clear enough to our elected officials that we want to be heard, and we want answers to and action on our concerns.
So far the Democratic plan is to allow the president to have is way in effort to watch him fail miserably, in order that they can say, "told you so"'.
This attitude makes them no better than him, and implicates them in the deaths of however many more of our young men and women, and Iraqi citizens, until we end this lunacy and bring them home.
Pray for all souls in harms way.

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