Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bush Cheney Condoleeza Hosing Americans

The Bush gang is about to hose us again.
We the voting public, have no say in the day to day running of our government.
A message was sent in the mid term election that we, the people are sick and tired of not being heard by our elected officials.
Personally, I lean toward Republican values more than Democratic, however I am sick and tired of the Bush gang's lieing, condescending, redneck bullying ways.
If the law doesn't serve their needs, they change the law!
I used my vote to send a message. By the out come I would assume a majority of those who voted did.
I didn't vote for individuals that I thought had better ideas than their republican counterparts. I voted for Democrats because we needed a change. I voted almost straight ticket because to split the vote across party lines would do no good.
Bipartisanship is not working in our government.
Bush and his band of hooligans have ruined the Republican party, and the integrity of our great country.
Never has the United States been held in such low regard.
Never have so many citizens looked upon the President with such disdain!!
The voters of this great nation sent a message Mr. Bush! We no longer want your bullying ways.
We want to be heard.
We the constituency want to be represented.
Unfortunately there is little that the officials who we elected can do.
We put them in a position where they have to deal with Bush, Cheney and the gang for two more years.
Regardless of what, "our leaders", those that we elected want. The President has the power to do what he wants!!
So, when some of his appointed staff have the audacity to suggest that maybe his ways are wrong, and they just might want to listen to those individuals that represent the majority, he removes them from their posts and appoints people who agree with his policy.
I'm not a military strategist, yet even with my average intelligence I can see that we aren't going to win the war in Iraq.
If and when we do leave the war will continue until the strongest leader emerges.
It's time for Mr. Bush to step up and admit his errors.
It's time for him to get together with our elected leaders and form a plan for us to turn the government over to the Iraqi people.
Once a logical strategy is put in place to train the Iraqi Army, maybe than we can support an escalation of troops to support the cause.
Stay the course and win the war are not options.
Plan to protect the innocent, train the individuals, and leave the country with a modicum of dignity is more like it.
Once a strategy to achieve this is presented, I believe that we the people will support it.
Then we can once again be proud to be Americans.
God bless and protect our troops.

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