Thursday, January 25, 2007

Been Cruising

I've been chilling out, cruising the blogosphere in search of interesting blogs from military people tonight.
I found a couple, (I've emailed asking permission to hop link to them), you know, courtesy type of thing.
Sort of like asking a father for his daughters hand in marriage.
I was quite amazed at how some of our troops feel that those of us who are against George Bush's war feel that we don't support them!!
I couldn't disagree more, at least on my part, I can't speak for everyone, but I support the men and women serving to protect this great country and us, 100%.
If I was 30 years younger, I'd be over there with them.
I do not support George Bush, and I'll tell you why.
I think he lied to get us into this war, and I don't think he has a plan to end it.
I don't think there will ever be a good ending to this story.
I'm afraid that Iraq is to divided by sectarian issues to ever come to an amicable agreement between all sides.
Yeah, I told myself I was going to chill on this $hiatt tonight.
Any way, I remember as if it were yesterday the way the peace freaks treated the guys comming home from vietnam. Those of you serving now, weren't born yet.
I was headed home on leave from BIT at Fort Jackson, a PVT2,
that's E2 now, and a group of us in class a's were waiting for a flight to Newark in Atlanta. We were accosted by a group of hippies, spitting at us and calling us baby killers. Really made one feel proud to be a soldier.
Most of the vets were smart enough to leave the uniforms on post and travel in civis, but being in training we had orders to travel in dress uniform.
What I'm trying to say is my opposition is not to the war, or the troops fighting it, it is to the bold, redneck ignorance of the commander in chief who is bent on clearing his legacy at all cost.
And to the fact that he has no plan to end the conflict.
To quote W Clement Stone, "No wind blows in favour of a ship without a course".
It's time for someone to step up and map out a course to end this mess.
Maby when the people of this country can see a picture, or blueprint of what the finished product will look like, we can accept further action.
People are going to continue to die there's no way around it.
We need to now what they are dieing for.
May god bless and protect all of our troops.


  1. Well, just prior to the State of the Union address, President Bush did state in very specific terms, what he thought went wrong and what he and the generals were going to do about it. Do not confuse the idea of having a plan you don't like with not having a plan. It's as if everyone is screaming that there is no plan simply because the President doesn't agree with them. That is a false argument. Please see this link, if you missed it when it happened.

    Bush's Plan for the Additional Troops

    Again, you may disagree with the strategy laid out in that speech, but to say that there is no strategy is false. In my opinion (and from one vet to another, you can certainly agree with this) the American people are briefed in a more complete way about our operations than the WWI, WWII or Vietnam era civilians ever enjoyed.

    I understand why you think that Iraqis will not stop fighting amongst themselves, and I certainly hope that you are wrong. Perhaps they just need the reassurance that their sectarian opposites are not going to hurt them if they would just put the gun down and go back to living their lives.

    I hope your son is safe, and let us support victory in this struggle in Iraq. After all, there is no easy way out.

  2. Joseph I agree with you that Bush has presented a plan. But I do ask if you are in support of this criminal. He has done nothing but lie and run this country on his terms only ignoring the views of the majority. I do understand that decisions are on his shoulders but I have never witnessed an elected official who continues to go with his ideas or personal thoughts over the majority. Our president through his untruths is the one who is responsible for this misguided war and also many other issues we now face as a nation. His term as president can not end soon enough. I am personally in support of the men and women that serve in the armed forces but it was a bunch of lies that lead to them being put in harms way. Saddam was no threat to us and while he was a threat to the people of Iraq, I wonder if they feel safer now then they did with him as their leader? Our troops have not been given the tools to win this conflict and they still have not. Bush is trying to cover up or fix error with more error. We do not belong trying to police this world or shoving our ideals down others throats. Even if we feel it is prooven our way is the best way to live. I understand as well that Iran has a play in this conflict but what will happen when Bush pulls them into this mess?

  3. That's a lot of points in one post, so it may be hard to respond to all of them without writing a book.

    President Bush engaged in this war in March of 2003; by the 2004 elections, the voters have had a year and seven months to watch the events, listen to the argument that Bush purposely misled the nation, and then a clear majority of voters re-elected the president. This does not signify a total satisfaction with war's progress, but it does signify that the "majority" as you put it does not believe that he specifically lied. I use the present tense because no knew arguments since that time have emerged to support the allegation that he knew the real story but told us otherwise.

    As to starting the war itself: Multiple U.N. inventories have documented certain weapons and weapons-making materials stored in Iraq. Suddenly, those weapons were not in the storage containers they used to be in, and President Hussein refused to account for them. I believe that had Saddam claimed he lost them and allowed the U.N. to thoroughly search every credible container to verify the weapons were not there, this war would not have happened. Instead, Saddam Hussein effectively violated the conditions of his 1991 Gulf War surrender. If you are saying, "so what?" then I would say that without knowing where those weapons were, we'd have to seriously consider the possibility that those weapons were either positioned somewhere for use or being prepared for such; we do not have "Patriot Games"-style capabilities in which we can find out anything we want at any time.

    President Bush has acknowledged that he failed to properly maintain the peace in Baghdad. Part of the problem- rightly mentioned by many- was that the troop levels were much too low to support the maintenance of insurgent-free neighborhoods. In lieu of sizeable help from other nations, we need to increase our troop levels, and we are doing it. I guess we may diagree about whether or not this is an error. I believe it is a step in the right direction.

  4. Joseph,
    I understand about the missing weapons, but I believe that the administration new that they weren't where they were supposed to be from the git go.
    You are correct in saying that if Saddam had allowed the search’s, instead of taking a non compliance stance against the UN, this war may have been avoided, but I don't think so.
    Saddam was an egotistical maniac. He obviously had little to no regard for his people, or his country, or he would have done everything in his power to avoid this conflict.
    I think the intention was to end his reign, and allow Iraq to form a democracy.
    That objective was accomplished, but failed miserably, because of resistance, primarily from the Sunnis. They feel that if the Shiite control the government they and the Kurds will be prosecuted in much he same way that they treated the Shiite under Saddam’s rule.
    I agree with the surge in troops.
    However, I want to see a plan to end our involvement, or we will be there for years.
    The Iraqi’s have to step up and fight for them selves!!
    A Marine officer that I communicate with thinks that we should secure Baghdad, and Anbar province, then turn the operation over to the Iraqi’s.
    Move our base of operations to Kuwait, or the UAE, and be on readiness to respond to flare ups.
    Thanks for you input, you have some very valid points!!

  5. Joseph....... I understand and respect your opinions and maybe it is that I have never supported Bush from the very begining. Once again I have many questions about the things he has done concerning this country. Not only the war but as far back as his first election and so forth. I do not understand one thing though. How do you still believe that the main reason for our entry into Iraq had the smallest bit to do with these unfound weapons? I do not claim to be an expert but is it possible that the reports concerning these weapons may have also been fudged or made up in some manner? I do not support Saddam and the fact that for some reason our governement at one time supported that lunatic. I find it hard to believe that with our intellegence possibilities that we did not already have people in Iraq who would have seen or discovered these weapons. I am just a little skeptical and find Bush to be an egotistical maniac and that is exactly what most of the dictators of the world have been. He maybe the final decision maker but it as though its his way or the highway. I do understand how there are more troops needed at this time but I don't think 20,000 is even going to cut it. Do you also know that some of the newest troops that will be headed to Iraq will have their training cut short to move up there deployment date? It appears to me that Bush has used gross misjudgement or he had no intentions of getting this conflict done and over with as soon as possible in the first place.