Saturday, January 27, 2007

Where,s The Plan? Bush Iraq et. al.

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I guess I wasn't clear on my no plan comment.
I understand his plan for the "surge", in troops.
What concerns me is that there is no exit plan. Be it three months, three years, or three decades.
A well thought out set of criteria to say this is when we can say the war is won, our mission here is complete, we can now go home.
There is no picture of what victory in Iraq will look like?
It is apparent, as I've stated before, that there will be no clearly defined surrender by any party involved.
So how do we define the "Win" part of his strategy?
Sending more troops is a step toward securing Baghdad, and giving the government an safe base of operations to run the country from. 60% of the population resides in Baghdad. But if we accomplish this mision, does that signify winning the war?
Chasing the insurgents out of Anbar Province, mostly Sunni and Iranian extremists, equal in ruthlessness to Hezbollah, is a good strategy. Is their a plan to keep them from re occupying?
I have an Iraqi pen pal with whom I have been exchanging views on this subject. His twist is that,
1) We can't continue to chase the bad guys out of neighborhoods, then move on and let them come back.
We have to move them out, and continue to secure the areas we take.

2) That we need to background check all the individuals that enlist in the Iraqi Army,and join the police force, to insure that they aren't bad guys infiltrating the ranks.

3) They, the Iraqi army and police, need much more extensive training, and updated equipment.

We all know where providing equipment has lead us in the past!
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As promised, here is a link to a blog by one of our brave Marines, who has witnessed the war up close and personal.
Check it out.
Until next time, pray for our troops where ever they serve, that they may come home safe.