Monday, January 29, 2007

Military Families Members Call out

I've kind of gotten consumed by my thoughts about George Bush's gross miss management of our military personnel, and the country in general.
I forgot about my reason for starting this blog.
I'm still looking for military families, and individuals to contribute to this blog.
I'm sure there are others out there with sons and daughters preparing to deploy to Afghanistan, or Iraq, who have concerns that they would like to discuss.
I'm also planning another blog, and a page to list, and honor individuals who are deployed, and in need of someone to communicate with. I know how lonely it can be away from your friends and loved ones.
I will not post any personal information that could lead to an individuals home, or family, or any tactical or technical information about the military, or operations.
I'd like to post pictures, and short bios.
I can be contacted by commenting here, and leaving an e-mail address or blog location where you can be reached.
Come on, get in the ground floor of this community and let's see where it gos.
Remember to pray for our men and women in harms way.

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