Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Barbaro Hero or Horse

I couldn't help but wonder over all the hype about Barbaro, the horse, being put down yesterday.
Sure, he was a beautiful animal. but ca mon a hero??
He won one race!! Did he find a cure for aids?? Did he jump on a grenade and save the rest of the horses in the barn?
This made the headlines in all the top news rags around the country.
In New Bedford Masswholechusettes four fishermen where lost at see, and this story was bigger news.
Maybe we could get the Bush administration to appropriate 1.2 billion dollars to do a study on how to keep horse from breaking their legs, in the name of the hero, Barbero.
Mike Tyson won a fight once, if he broke his leg and they euthanized him, {not that I think that would be a bad thing}, would that make him a hero?
Now that I think of it, ir wouldn't hurt to try, just to find out!!
What's next? A Barbero day?
Everybody can go to the races, where they'll have memorial services and half priced beer and free hot dogs made from horse meat.
Hero my a$$.

On another note, (glad I got that off my chest), George gave Iran a Stern warning today, now didn't he.
Then he said he wouldn't consider invading Iran.
Let me see a show of hands, how many believe him!!

I've gotta hand it to our military folks. How they can do what they do day in and day out is beyond me. I pray for their safety!!

I think when ever a president decides to go to war, he ought to be out front of the first squad to battle carrying the guide arms...
How many more wars do ya think we'd be in.

I can see it now, W out front heading across the boarder from New Hampshire into Canada to kick them mackerel snappers into submission.
See if they continue to harbour our deserters, ay.
Guess I'll grab a Molson and see if there's a hockey game on ESPN.

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