Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tired of The Diary May Run For President

I know, I know it's a long title, but sometimes you can't say all you want in a paltry word or two.
Anyway, I'm really not a serious person, and this diary bullshit is bringing me down.
It doesn't seem like anyone shares my feelings about George Bush, Iraq, or deployment so I'm giving it up.
I can't even get Joe Blogs to interview me, though I'm stalking him and sooner or later he'll come around.
So, I decided to announce that commencing on the 2nd of February 2007 Ad I will launch a feasibility study to see if it might be the right time for me to run for president?
I know!! The two or three of you who hit a wrong link and end up at this shit whole of a blog are saying HUH??
Well I think it's time for a grass roots campaign to form, and why shouldn't I start it??
I don't intend to raise a cent, and I damn sure won't spend one.
I need an advisory council, and the first bit of advice I need is What Blog source would be best to run my study and ultimately {because I don't give to brown turdies what anyone thinks I'm going to run the campaign anyway campaign on?
I need a new party, what should it be called? I've already got a slogan so no need to labour over that. It is,I won't lie, steal, raise taxes, cheat, slander, or cower to partisan pressure, get your kids killed, or our country blown away, invade any other country, as tempting as Canada might be!!change any of the constitution,or appoint anyone to my cabinet that might do any of the above!!
It might seem a little long an runny, but it is what it is.
Drop me a line, tell me I'm crazy, I don't care.


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  2. Will Dick Cheney be involved? I'm pretty sure he likes power but in a very silent way. He must be in the cage counting George and Dick's money. Maybe they think they are running a casino not a country. Maybe thats why George also is cracking down on that internet poker. Doesn't want any competition. Can't figure out how to govern that or tax that we'll shut it down. It is just not American these days to not be able to control or tax something. George Iran is knocking on the door. How much longer will it be before we try and blow their house down? Don't just read people place a comment. Even disagreement is good. Debate is what makes our country great.

  3. I will not tolerate bashing of public officials on my blog, during my feasability study!!
    There be plenty og time for that once I'm actualy running.
    I have too much to do right now to get into bashing the likes of those two self serving egotistical, red neck jerks.
    Besides, Cheney shoots people, and W has the Armed Forces at his beckon call.