Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush BS

I watched with interest last evening as our President did his best to make we the people think that he had a new plan.
What a disappointment!!
The first problem is that he plans on the prime minister of Iraq being able to keep his word to have Iraqi troops doing most of the work, with us as back up..
The Iraqi prime minister has little to no control over the religious groups that are creating problems. Unless he can get the Sunnis and Shiite to get along and join the cause against outside Islamic radicals, nothing is going to work.
The second problem is that he has no exit plan!!
We can fight Iraq's war for a thousand years, and when we leave they will be no better off than they are now.
We can not force democracy on a country that hasn't the will to maintain it.
The majority of the population of Iraq is illiterate. They were kept that way by Saddam Hussein and his Bathist party so they wouldn't know that there was a better way of life.
Because of the mess that our President's actions have caused, we are mired in a conflict that we can't get out of.
Now the very people that we voted on to clean this load of crap up are backing him in hopes that he will be even more of a failure, making them look good, at the cost of how many lives???
It is obvious that George W Bush needs to be impeached so he no longer has the power to escalate his war.

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