Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dems better get with the program

Georg Bush's new idiodic plan for Iraq is out, and the very Democrats that we elected to stop his lunacy are planning on allowing the funding for him to go forward with it knowing full well that it will fail.
Their reason?
When he falls on his face once again he and the Republican party look worse, and better their chance of getting a Democrat in the White House.
What hangs in the balance of this political game are the lives of more soldiers.
Maybe the Dems think they got elected on the merits of their party being so much better than the Republicans.
Maybe they had better think again!!
They got elected because a majority of the voters in this country are sick and tired of George W Bush, Dick Cheney et. al. lieing to us and the majority of the Republican party backing them up.
It's time the Democrats step up and do what's right.
Tell George Bush that until he comes up with a plan to exit Iraq he's not getting any more of our money.
It's time to do what you were elected to do, represent us, your constituancy.
May god bless and keep our troops safe.

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