Sunday, February 25, 2007


An alert reader from Oshkosh Wisconsin wrote in to tell me that, and I quote, “your blog is stupid! I read every one of your posts, and even the ones that are supposed to be serious is ignorant”!
Long pause while I think.
I’m going to ask a blogging acquaintance, Suzy Soro, if the use of the exclamation point in both instances was proper punctuation?
She’s big on that stuff.
Punctuation. Spelling, and grammar.
Anyway, (I like to use the word anyway a lot), (no I mean like a real lot), I took pause to ponder this issue. Because on the one hand this chap is correct, most of my posts ARE stupid. They’re fictitious, meant to make people laugh, and just pure nonsense.. So I would hope they are stupid.
Even my wife thinks they’re stupid. She knows stupid when she sees it. She’s been married to me for 35 years, today. She has plenty of experience at witnessing stupid in action. To quote another friend, Ron White, “you can’t fix stupid”.
Anyway, (see I told ya), I put a lot of thought into what this jerk, er I mean, uh, alert reader had to say.
It was the most painful three seconds of my life. (The thought process that is) Would have been two seconds, but something distracted me in the middle of the thought, thus causing me to waste a second.
Probably a thought about Brittany Spears.
So anyway, here I am back at this mess I call a blog, still pondering whether I should cave to the pressure of a majority of my readers, this fellow from Oshkosh, f-ing, Wisconsin, where there’s nine months of ice fishing, and three months of thin ice, (I think the cold weather slows the brain function down), and the lady in Kuala Lumpur, who doesn’t speak English, so when she e-mailed me I think her comment was an insult because the translation came out to, “you’re goat has bad breath and the fleas are unbearable”?? I’m not making this up!
I wish these people would leave their comments on my blog, so I could share them real time with you.
Come to think of it, they, and the retard on the fourth floor of the Sunny Days mental health facility in Waco Texas, are the only three reading this anyway. So why should I care.
Oh, before I forget, there is a young lady in Lake Placid, I think she’s really in Potsdam, NY, but if she wants to be in Lake Placid, that’s ok with me!! I try to humor her, (approach with caution, very sharp tongue and not afraid to use it). CLICK HERE if you dare.
She has a real nice template, and uses perfect grammar.
There now I’ve wasted way to much time on this serious debate. I’m going to give it a lot of thought over the next couple of seconds, and maybe the next post will be more to my critics liking.
In the mean time, if you can think of something I should write about, leave me a comment.
Or I’d be happy to answer all of your questions about cows, or lobsters.
As a bit of a tease, I will tell you that, cows are stupid, (I really prefer pigs), but they are a LOT easier to get along with than lobsters.

Till next time, you Minnesotans keep your stick on the ice.


  1. “your blog is stupid! I read every one of your posts, and even the ones that are supposed to be serious is ignorant”!

    See, that's the beauty of someone calling someone else stupid. They usually are the stupid ones. The correct sentence would end "even the ones that are supposed to be serious ARE ignorant." Because IS is the singular form of the verb TO BE and ARE is the plural form and the word ONES is plural.

    Next question.

  2. I new I could count on you Suzy.
    I get a kick out of people. As ignorant as I am I almost fell out of my chair laughing at that sentence.
    What about the punctuation? I think the exclamation point is one of the most misused punctuation marks.
    I got a good laugh out of your critique of El’s job of hosting the Oscars.
    Maybe next year they could get Stevie Wonder.