Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I know! (I'm going to use a lot more exclamation points, because I think they put emphasis on what I'm trying to say), so I know! I said in my last blog that I would impart my wisdom regarding cows, and Lobsters, starting with my next post.
Well, that's exactly what I intended to do, (just like when I said I was going to interview myself, because I was upset with , Joeblogs,for stiffing me.) And that would be my next post.
And when I decided to run for President, but found that to be ill advised because 1) I'm a moron, and 2) If Tom Vylsak can't raise enough money, how could I ?
So I was doing some research on cows, when I was alerted to a serious problem.
One that I thought took precedence over any information that I could give you regarding the lactating ladies.
This is serious!!!!
It has been reported that cows all over the country are being abducted by aliens.
This is no laughing matter!!!
I've been asked by to bring this problem to my readers attention, so all five of you click HERE NOW, to review this on going phenomenon.
Sorry to be so pushy, but Waldo Clough, you remember Waldo, my reader from the Sunny Days Mental Facility in Waco doesn't motivate easily!!
As if low milk prices weren't enough, now poor farmers have to put up with this.
Hint, click on the cow to become a witness, or risk missing the full extent of the problem.
I wonder if they've thought of forming a Bessie alert? You know, like the Amber alert for abducted children.

I'd like to see them, (I know Suzy, it should be those, I just can't help it), aliens abduct a Lobster. you can bet they'd bring it back in short order!
If you ask real nice, I might share some pictures I took while working on a lobster boat out of Small Point Maine in my next post.
After I post my interview!!
Boy that joeblogs pisses me off!!!

An update on son Matt.
He'll be home for seven days in mid March, then off to Baghdad the first or second week of April.
If your so inclined as to pray, please keep all of our military personnel in your thoughts while doing so!


  1. ::cough cough - sputter sputter:: Ha!

  2. Not as funny as your stuff!!
    Where'd you get the picture of my cousin Buzzy?
    He looks good with the store bought chompers!!
    aka Heywood