Thursday, March 1, 2007


Pay attention because there’s going to be a quiz.
Those of you who read the last post, aren’t taking this seriously.
Cows are disappearing all over the world. Don’t believe me, CHECK IT OUT for your self.
You can pooh pooh this all you want, but it won’t be so funny when you don’t have milk
For your Coco Crispies in the morning.
And how about the Sombreros, no not that Mexican hat. I have to be careful where I go with the Mexican thing. Satan censored me because I used the word beaner in a comment. I can’t believe it!! Satan is worried about getting sued. READ ALL ABOUT IT.
Carlos Mencia has more balls than Satan.
Hell is beginning to look like a home for wayward girls.
Anyway, a Sombrero with out the milk would be a glass full of coffee brandy. Yuck!!
Speaking of cows, they finally decided to bury Anna Nicole next to her son!
I, for one, will sleep better tonight.
Let it be a lesson to you though.
If your going to marry rich old farts for their money, then sleep with eight or ten million different guys and have a baby by who knows how many of them, you better have a good will made out. Or your estranged mother will end up in court trying to get your decomposing body buried close to her home so she can weep big tears over your dead ass, even though you hated her and treated her like crap while you were living.
There now I’ve got that off my chest.
I’ll bet you didn’t know cows eyes moved independent of one another.
Gives them wicked good peripheral vision. A cow can be reading the paper, and watching the ball game at the same time.
Because this is the first quiz, I’m going to go easy on ya.
Only two questions.
1) What make of cow is featured on the abduction site?
2) How many teates does a cow have?
The first person to answer correctly gets the gratification of knowing they were the first person to answer correctly
I know!
Calm yourselves.
Remember, it’s all in fun so don’t beat yourself up to badly when you don’t win.
My thought for the day.
If everyone in Minnesota moved to Wisconsin, who would notice?
You cheese heads can’t wear the cheese hats, that would give you away.
Till next time, remember, if you can’t win by playing fair, cheat. If you can’t win when you cheat, quit.

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