Friday, March 2, 2007


I am a member of Military Families Speak Out.
I’ve not mentioned that prior to this post, for fear that those who read it will think that I’ve become involved because my son is in the Army and being deployed.
I was against this war before my son enlisted.
I came across the organization while searching military information web pages and blogs, for information on Iraq.
I am a veteran of the Vietnam era, so I am not someone who doesn’t understand war.
I am not a big fan of it. Yet I understand that wars are sometimes necessary to rid the world of evil, or help allied nations defend themselves against intruders.
The war in Iraq is neither at this point.
It has become a civil war, that will play out one way or another regardless of whether we are there or not.
Bush’s original claim was that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. He didn’t.
Then we needed to take him out of power, because he was a ruthless dictator with little regard for human life.
Tried, found guilty, executed, our mission accomplished.
Yet we continue to send more troops to fight and die. For what?
Leaders of neighboring countries, Syria and Turkey for example have advised that we would better serve the Iraqi people by leaving. Our presence in the country is bringing radical extremist organizations in to attack us. And creating greater unrest.
Mean while the Taliban are gaining numbers and strength again in Afghanistan.
We still have troops there, and will need more before all is said and done, because we got sidetracked in Iraq, and didn’t finish the battle we started there.
The Taliban are more than glad to see us mired in Iraq, waisting our resources.

Here is a copy of my latest correspondence from FMSO.

Dear Members of Military Families Speak Out,

Today, as the Congressional leadership prepared to unveil their new plan to put pressure on President Bush to send well-trained, well-equipped and well-rested troops to fight and die in an illegal, immoral, unjustifiable war; Military Families Speak Out, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace sent a letter to Senate and House leaders. The letter says, in part:

“We are asking that, as leaders in Congress, you exercise leadership. Your voice is needed now more than ever. Tell the American people the truth about President Bush's funding request. President Bush is not asking for more funds for the troops. He is asking for more funds to continue a war that should never have happened…..It is not too late for you to do the right thing. …[S]stand up and call for the de-funding of the Iraq War. Stand strong when you explain that de-funding the war is not de-funding or abandoning our troops. Let the American people know what we as military families and Veterans know -- that de-funding the war will not leave our troops without equipment or supplies. Stand strong when you explain that there are sufficient funds available to bring our troops home quickly and safely, and that if more funds are ever needed, Congress has the ability to re-program monies from the Department of Defense budget to use for this purpose. Stand strong and fight to bring our troops home . ..Stop telling us that you don't have the votes, and work with us to secure them. That is what leaders do.”

You can see and download the letter and the press release from our website
The time is now to turn up the heat on your Senators and Member of Congress to support our troops by de-funding the war, bringing them home now and taking care of them when they get here! If you've already called them, call again! If you've met with them, ask for another meeting! If you've held a vigil or press conference in front of their office, do it agian! If you can go to their offices and do something to demonstrate the urgency of ending this war, do it! Your voice is powerful and needed!

In Peace and Solidarity,
Nancy Lessin and Charley Richardson
for Military Families Speak Out .

If you support our troops, and are against this war, please speak out against it!!
Contact your Senators and voice your opposition.
If we’re going to fight a war, lets make sure it’s one worth fighting.
God bless our military personnel.
JRMD aka Heywould.


  1. It looks like W messed up, or he knows something the rest of America does`nt.
    Guess there`s going to be subpeona`s passed out Monday.
    Dems say they got a shit load.

    Tell your son: Thx for everything !

  2. Great post. You still can't spell waste.

  3. Mickey, Thanks for your comment, and i'll pass on the thanx.
    Suzy, and I used spell check!!
    I've only got two years of college. I was absent the day they taught spelling. Ah hell, yew no wat I'm trying to say.
    Besides, I was wasted wen i rote it. lol
    aka JR aka Heywould