Friday, February 2, 2007

Bombs Boston Just My Luck Aqua Teen Hunger My A$$

It figures.
I finally get up the nerve to announce my feasibility study for running for president, and Turner Broadcasting up stages me by having twits plant light bright gadgets advertising their damn cartoon all over the country.
As luck would have it the only city that it caused a big fuss in was Boston, which just happens to be the center of my study demographic.
What the hell were they thinking?,
A simple phone call to the police department would have avoided the whole mess.
I can hear it now,"this is Turner Broadcasting, our cartoon series,Aqua Teen Hunger Force, is bombing and we want to pull a publicity stunt. We want to stick up a few light bright devices under bridges, at the airport, and in a few subway stations, promoting the pathetic garbage.
Like that would fly.
The next phone call would be, "hello, this is Mugtadah el-Sadr, my organization, the Mahdi Army, would like to put up a few promotional devices around the city. At the Prudential Center, the Hankcock Tower, in the Sumner, Callahan, and Ted Williams tunnels and a few in random Sub way stations.
We'll avoid the airport, because we know how touchy security is around there. These devices will resemble foot long pieces of iron pipe with caps, and a few wires, but not to worry, they are just a publicity prop".
Aqua Teen Hunger Force? What the hell is going on in this country. Give me the Three Stooges, or the road runner an coyote.
Well it sure gave Mayor Menino, aka Mumbles, some face time, and what a beauty he is.
He must have gone to the George Bush school of diplomacy.
He's got the same kick ass and take names later mentality.
Of course growing up in Boston as a portly child with a speech impediment is apt to give you a bit of a chip on the shoulder.
Oh well if anything was gained by this experience, we got a bit of a lesson in hair styles from the 60s. No maybe it was the 70s.

I'm getting overwhelming reviews about my thoughts on running for president.
My next blog will hopefully be a model of what my platform might be.
I haven't given that much thought yet?
Maybe I'll run an email campaign asking for questions, and suggestions.
What do you want to see in a president?
What should my new party name be?
Give me some feed back.

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