Monday, February 19, 2007

Duct Tape Breast Milk II the Sequel.


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I can’t imagine why we would want to dumb down chimpanzees?

With regards to my blog concerning the sham of a “non binding resolution” that congress is insulting us with, Jess commented, What we need is MORE than a non-binding resolution, we need Congress to put their mouths where the money is :) that is we need them to stop the funding.

They voted for this war, they vote to fund it, so the continuation of the conflict in Iraq so the responsibility is as much theirs as it is the President's.

Congress isn't going to get a set and vote against funding because they don't want to put our troops in danger but they have to stand by their principles. If they truly think it is wrong, they MUST VOTE AGAINST FUNDING IT ANY FURTHER.

I wish your son the best of luck in Iraq. I hope he comes home to you safe!

As promised, I try to forward link to bloggers who leave comments, so check Jess's blog out, HERE she puts a neat spin on eating out, weight loss, and family life in Florida!!

Now on to more important matters. Sorry Jess, didn't mean to lessen your importance!
Duct Tape.
This whole thing started over a news article out of New Hampshire where a woman and her boy friend found that duct taping her kids arms legs and just a patch over the mouths, keep the noise down. Then locking them in a room while they went out bar hopping, was cheaper than a baby sitter.
I mentioned how duct was handier than a baby sitter, because you never had to give it a ride home after your night out. And it wouldn’t raid your refrigerator, or steal your jewelry! We actually had that happen once. Our baby sitter had a friend over, who helped himself to my wife’s jewelry box. I thought it was kind of strange that the box was in the bathtub? But that’s a story for another time.
alert reader, luin, check her blog out, HERE added,“You also don't have to worry about Dad cheating with the duct tape”.
Now there’s something I hadn’t thought of.
Luin's site is rated OMG21. So turn off the parental controls to get there.
What other things ways can we come up with that duct tape would be better than a baby sitter?
Weigh in on this, and just maybe I’ll put a hop link to your blog in my next post. Then all four people who visit my blog will check you out.

Now more info on breast milk, because you can never have enough information.

Rocket Fuel Chemical Found in Breast Milk of Women in 18 States.
This may seem like a minuscule item to you, but I bet NASA wants to meet lactating women in these states.

Read about it HERE .

If you have interesting information about breast milk, share it with us. Remember, the weirder the better.

Oh yeah,if you see George Bush, ask him to bring our troops home,now!!!
Maybe he'll listen to you!!


  1. OMG21 is right! I didn't think I was nearly that risquay. Not to mention I am but a mere 2 years older than my rating. Close call! Where did you find that?