Saturday, February 17, 2007

Non Binding Resolutions Iraq Bush etc.

I'm breaking away from my lunatic approach to blogging for on entry to rant about a few things that are important to me.

To those of you who read my blog for some comedic relief, I apologize, but from time to time this Iraq thing bears heavy on my sole.
A phone call from my son at Fort Lewis last night, with the information we have been dreading, his unit leaves the first week of April for Iraq, kind of took the cynic out of me.
I'll bounce back.

I have to give credit to, News for portions of the information following. Please visit them, CLICK HERE, for indepthe information.

Senate to hold test vote today on identical measure?

Test vote?
Why waist the time.
Take the real vote and get it over with.
It’s just a nonbinding resolution!! It isn’t going to amount to a tinkers damn anyway!!!

Why hasn’t George Bush been impeached? Or at the very least censured!

The U.S. House easily approved a nonbinding resolution Friday against President Bush's decision to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq as newly empowered Democrats try to force more change in the way the war is conducted.

The 2nd Div. 4th Stryker Bde. 25th Inf. Fort Lewis Washington is packing their gear for deployment.

Bush supporters claim that this action will send a message to the troops on the ground in Iraq that we, the people back home don’t approve of what they are doing in Iraq. That we don’t support them, and that we are letting down the families and loved ones of the 3100 +/- young men and women that paid the ultimate sacrifice.
They say we are sending a message that these individuals died in vain.
Don’t let these politicians fool you. They stand to gain, either politically or personally from backing the Bush administration, and a escalation of the war.
The reward for their unwavering support will be sweetheart deals from Bush before he leaves office, that will move them forward in their political careers, or future business deals to create more personal wealth.

These individuals are so far removed from the middle class down, that hey have no real understanding of who we are and what we experience on a day to day basis.
They ride in limousines, and fly on private jets, and attend one hundred thousand dollar per plate fundraisers.
They gather the mourning families of our fallen comrades, shake a few hands, and hug a few crying mothers, and tell them not to worry, we won’t let your loved one’s death be in vain.
We will “stay the course” until we have won the war.
They are preying on these poor souls in their hour of grief and using them for political gain.

They claim that a vote against the surge is a vote to cut funding for the troops already there.
Nobody wants to stop funding the troops that are on the ground in Iraq as I write.
That’s just another ploy to get the funding necessary to escalate the war.

Shame on them.

George Bush claims that he can’t rest until the war is won.
His legacy has already been written.
Nothing he can do will change the fact that his was a terrible presidency.
Some would argue, probably the worst presidency ever.

I want to hear from families of the soldiers who died in Iraq!
I want to know how many want this war to go on in their son or daughter’s, brother or husband’s name.
How many feel that losing more lives in a civil war which in the end, we will have no part in resolving, and that has gone beyond having anything to do with us, will serve to justify their loss?

I have a son who will be going to Iraq in April.
The 2nd Div. 4th Stryker Bde. 25th Inf. Fort Lewis Washington
I am as proud of him as can be for volunteering to serve his country.
I could support the serge in troops if the mission was to assist and support the complete exit of all of our troops from Iraq.
If my son was the last person to die in Iraq, I would hope that it would be for a purpose.
Not for George Bush’s ego.

I pray that not one more life is lost for George Bush’s mistakes.


  1. Hi there,

    What we need is MORE than a non-binding resolution, we need Congress to put their mouths where the money is :) that is we need them to stop the funding.

    They voted for this war, they vote to fund it, so the continuation of the conflict in Iraq so the responsibility is as much theirs as it is the President's.

    Congress isn't going to get a set and vote against funding because they don't want to put our troops in danger but they have to stand by their principles. If they truly think it is wrong, they MUST VOTE AGAINST FUNDING IT ANY FURTHER.

    I wish your son the best of luck in Iraq. I hope he comes home to you safe!


  2. Thank you Jess,
    As I stated in the post, I would be in favor of sending the troops if the mission was to facilitate the safe and complete withdrawal of all Americans, Military and civilian from Iraq.
    I'm a veteran of the Vietnam era, and remember quite clearly how disastrous the withdrawal from that fiasco became, because it was done without thought regarding the consequences.
    Thank you for your kind wishes regarding our son Matt.

  3. Hi JR,

    Saw your comment on my blog. I go by Jess most of the time so feel free to call me that!

    Use any of my comments that you like, if anyone else wants to read my blog, I welcome them too!

    The Dems think they have a mandate, sorry to burst their bubble but they do not have a mandate. They are lucky they won the seats they did win. They have much work to do to go back to the party of the working people. They pride themselves in being that which they are not!

    Jess :)