Friday, February 16, 2007

Breast Milk Duct Tape Everything you want to know.

"God made the world, but it's held together with duct tape".

In Nashua New Hampshire last week, a couple was arrested and charged with child neglect.
Some good samaritan turned them in for duct taping their children's arms and legs, and mouths, and leaving them in a bedroom while they went out partying!!
Cheaper than a baby sitter.
Also, you don't have to give a roll of duct tape a ride home when you get in from a night of partying.
No worries about the roll of duct tape stealing your jewelry while your out either.

In an unrelated subject, Breast milk 'does not boost IQ'. It's true. You read it here first. Or maybe it is related.
Evidently, kids who were breastfed, and turned out to be of hi IQ, were children of parents who were of higher IQ. There for it is figured that they had an advantage to start with!!
I'm not sure if I was breast fed. If I was, it would adjust the curve some!
I doubt either the mother or her boy friend that duct taped the kids were breast fed?

Breast-milk compounds could be a tonic for adult ills.
Now there's some good news!! Now if I can just find a lactating mom willing to do a little research!!

Mom's milk fuels fight. I'm not making this up.
Airport security agents in Las Vegas on Friday banned Rachel Popplewell of Capistrano Beach from bringing her breast milk on a flight to Orange County because she didn't have her baby with her.
Leads one to wonder, what in hell did she need the milk for if the baby wasn't with her??
A nine year old kid can get through security, and get on a flight from Seattle to Houston, without a ticket, but a mom can't get breast milk on board!!

Whats wrong with this world?


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  1. Love it, the 9 year old kid gets on board and the breast milk doesn't. We are not a smart country. The sooner we all just acknowledge that and get on with the business of trying to dumb ourselves down further, the more electronics we can buy.

  2. I couldn't have said it better myself.
    I wonder if the three ounce rule pertains to milk still in the breast???

  3. You also don't have to worry about Dad cheating with the duct tape.

    Breast m ilk is the newest diet trend! Duh!

  4. Leave it too you!!!
    I never thought of the cheating thing.
    I guess duct tape won't clean out your refrigerator either..