Sunday, February 11, 2007



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Another Sunday morning here in New Hampsha. It’s 5 degrees , and here I am in front of the computer trying to figure out something witty and entertaining to say.
Usually the crap I write just falls out of my brain as I type!
I know, I know, your saying it shows. I don’t have to say it!!
Well to be perfectly honest, this blog is the way I think, and as pitiful as that might be, it’s a lot easier than trying to come up with stuff just to gain readers!
Stuff like tricky tags, and hot key words, like Obama, Mc Cain, Clinton, Hawaii,
Iraq, Impeach Bush, and on and on. All this serves to lead people here to read something informative. Poor souls!! When they find these mindless blatherings, they go away angry, and feeling let down, and never leave a comment.
I know they've been here, I see their tracks. They never say anything though? Like you suck, or your a commy pinko queer, or just surfed in love your blog, hit me up.

You see, I could give two extremely large,(that's really big for you red necks,)turds if anybody ever reads this drivel.
It’s therapeutic for me!! I get to lash out at the things that bother me most, in relative anonymity, and check daily to see if anyone agrees, wants to argue, or just plain flames me.
None of which has happened yet.
Other than the one guy who thought I was a terrorist sympathizer because I bash ole GW on a regular basis.
And one person who thought my strategy for ending the war in Iraq, READ ALL ABOUT IT was a bit over board.
Then there’s my buddy Joe Blogs.
Joe has a great blog, check it out,Joe Blogs.
When he e-mailed me about doing the interview, I jokingly, in my fashion responded with a long and sometimes weird, senseless, diatribe that evidently scared him off.
Or maybe the part about settling on a $ figure and the contract scared him. I don’t know, anyway I’ve not heard a word from him since.
I filled the interview out and sent it, but maybe I’m just a bit too far left for him. If you see him, tell him no hard feelings, sorry if I scared him. I’m really not a dangerous person!! As long as I take my meds!!
If you don’t mind sacrilege, here’s someone you need to check out, JESUS.
Tell him I sent ya.
That will insure that you get banned to purgatory, where you’ll meet Stan. Be careful with Stan, he can be difficult.
Till next time, I leave you with an old Irish toast, “here’s to you and here’s to me, should we ever disagree, screw you, here’s to me!
Bottoms up.

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