Tuesday, March 27, 2007



That's right, it is bitch night, and I for one am glad.
Today I'm going to bitch about something that really aggravates the hell out of me.
And I might get so worked up that I start letting the hic from the sticks in me come out!!!
Sorry Suzy!!
Suzy Soro is a comedian from out west. Check her out WHERE HOT COMES TO DIE.
I find her spin on things interesting. And she shares my disdain for GW.

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Anyway, that's not my bitch.
Now this one on the other hand.
Just kidding, remember what I told you about respecting your elders!!!
Something that is really starting to piss me off is the Liberal/Conservative thing. There are right wing liberals and left wing Conservatives and blah blah blah.
If you complain about George Bush and the Republicans and Iraq, your a liberal. If you buy into their crap your a conservative.
When you really think hard about it, it's a lot like religion!
You've got your Catholics, and your Jews, and your Protestants, and Baptists, Greek Orthodox, Episcopalians, Adventists, Jehovah's, Muslims and on and on. It never ends!!
Ok Rudy, or Bruce, or who ever the hell you are going by today,I know, Google Eric Rudolph!! Well I don't have to Google Eric Rudolph, and I bet most people from Birmingham and Sandy Springs don't either!!
I bet they all flock to your blog!!
Is that what good conservatives are in favour of? Blowing up abortion clinics? Seems sort of the way al Quaida and the Mahdi Army and Taliban operate, Wouldn't ya say?
So anyway, I'm getting side tracked again.
My bitch is people who label others based on a passing observation!!
RUDYassumes that based on my displeasure with George Bush, I'm a Liberal!
Well I got an idea Rudy, google Centrist, and see what, ah hell I'll make it easy for ya!CENTRIST.
That's right Bruce, whoops there I go again, Rudy, I don't know, I'm all confused, you tell me,RUDY/BRUCEjust who are you?
So back to the bitch.
If you took the time to find a little bit out about me, you'd soon realize that I'm a Centrist.
Like in religion, if you follow the preaching of one faith, you get caught up in all the guilt trips that if you don't live your life a certain way, or give enough money, or go to mass, or confession,or serve penitence your going to hell!
You might end up feeling terrible about having been a male stripper, and taking advantage of liquored up women and stuff.
As a Centrist, I get to pick and choose the good out of each. I don't have to conform to either!!
Yes, you heard it here. Liberals and Conservatives alike have their share of good ideas and bad.
Oh, by the way, I'm a Unitarian also, but I bet you had that figured out.
I got to take advantage of liquored up Catholics, Jews, Baptists, Jeho, well not Jehovah's, and no Muslims either. And I didn't have to feel guilty.
But I did.
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  1. dad- heh

    I`m surprised our little friend has`nt come around.

    Ah youth.

  2. He's probably puttin a conservative whackin on his .
    I sensored myself, you fill in the blank.

  3. This is GREAT!! Another post in my honor.

    Yes, you are a liberal. ANYONE who calls himself a centrist is a liberal in my opinion. Look up opinion. Our brave soldiers are fighting in Iraq to protect your right to share your opinion, even if you are a moron. ANYONE who doesn't believe that God whispered the words, "You will be Prez, Dubya," in our wonderful leaders ear is a liberal and a heathen.

    Shame on you!

    How unpatriotic and un-American.
    Tsk tsk!

  4. Anybody ever tell you that you look like the Beaver?
    Gee Wally I think we should vote for John McCain.

  5. So, you claim to be centrist, eh? Besides being against the Iraq War, what other liberal qualities do you have?

    Oh, that's right, don't ask don't tell.

  6. Um, I like Barrak Obama?
    I dislike Gerry Falwell?
    I think Kinky Friedman would have been a great governor for Texas, and then president!
    Oh I could go on for hours.
    But I gotta go get the door!
    Hopefuly its a Jehovah on crusade.
    More interresting then communicating with you!!