Monday, March 26, 2007


This sucks!!
It's not even bitch night and I gotta bitch!!
Someone stole my train.
I used to have a hit counter from Bravenet,CHECK EM OUT,on the left, over there under my special little friend Ed! That's right,a little choo choo train, just above the pin my map button.
So I check in today, and there it is gone.
I was going to pitch a bitch about the liars in the Army that told us that Pat Tillman died in a fire fight.
Seems that he did, but the particular fire that got him was from his own guys.CHECK IT OUT
That really sucks for them, and him, and I'm sure they didn't mean to do it.
But why did the commanders feel compelled to lie about it?
Their excuse.
The timing wasn't right to tell the family?????
When is the timing right?????
Wait till Christmas when everyone's all full of cheer??
Oh by the way, between swigs of egg nogg, your son wasn't killed by the enemy, you know, it was all dusty, with the wind blowing and helicopters whipping up the desert, and the sun was in the guy's eyes, and well Pat stood up at the wrong time!!!
Merry Christmas!!

Hmm, I wonder what else they might be lieing to us about??
Seems like these things work their way down from the top!!

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  1. I don't know who Brucey is. "Rudy" is a parody. Google: Eric Rudolph . I agree w/ you on Iraq AND Afghanistan. My son has been to Iraq twice. He is stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs.

    I do not completely disagree with conservativism. I do completely disagree with Reaganomics, outsourcing jobs, a nat'l debt and everything the last three republican administrations have done to this country. They are FAR from conservative.

  2. And I agree with the postings here, at least 100%... or more!

    This country will not be safe until a certain asshole is out of the White House and sittin' in a Texas shithouse instead.

  3. The train is there. I LOVE that train. p.s. I sent you something privately that will make you laugh.

  4. Rudy, I'll comment in my next blog.
    Maybe we have more in common ids readibly apparent?

    Chief, I take back all the things I said about Indians and casinos, and mixing Indians and French that got me censored on of all placesUNBALANCED. Well at least the stuff about Indians, nah I meant that, casinos, nope meant that to, well it was all in fun.
    Thanks for stopping by, hope I don't saying anything around the camp fire that get's me thrown out of there!!!

    Suzy, I posted the train thing, and it came back! I missed the little guy for a minute.
    Thanks for the vid!! HILARIOUS!!