Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Absolutely nothing!!

My drive time thoughts today turned to war.
Not so much war, but how I would run a war if I were inclined to have one!
First I’d have it in a lot nicer place than were the last few have been.
I mean like Korea, for god’s sake. Who the hell in their right mind plans a war in Korea?
Then there was Vietnam. There are some beautiful parts to Vietnam, but most of the war was fought in the jungles. And if you think it rains where you live. Try Vietnam during the monsoons. It’s like the sun is out one minute, and the next thing you know it starts pouring and doesn’t stop for weeks.
How about the Ardan Forest in winter. That was good planning. Everybody freezes to death.
No sir, if I’m running a war it’s going to be a lot different!! Location Location Location, that’s the first rule. It’s no wonder you get all these bad asses coming to your wars when you hold them in shit holes like Iraq, Korea, and Vietnam et al. My war is going to be by invite only, and somewhere beautiful. I’m thinking the French Riviera. They got some great beaches, and everyone knows who frequents beaches. No I’m not talking about gay guys, I’m talking about hot bikini clad babes. I know, sometimes fighting breaks out around beautiful women, because of the testosterone thing. At least that’s worthwhile fighting.
Next, all shooting stops one half hour after sun down. That leaves time for all participants to grab a shower, and hit the clubs, where as luck would have it, the babes from the beach have migrated.

Fighting in the clubs brings automatic expulsion from the war!!
Do you see where I’m going with this?
I need help!
NO NOT DOCTOR PHIL KIND OF HELP, luin!! I know what your thinking!!
I need strategists, senior planners etc.
I can’t begin to throw a proper war with out fresh ideas.>

Joke of the day.
Why do they turn babies upside down and slap them on the bottom when they are born?
So the penis’s will fall off the ones without brains.

I know, I know, don't break my balls, I didn't make the stupid joke up. I just wrote it down.

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