Thursday, March 8, 2007


New friend, Mickey e-mailed and asked what I think of John Murtha?
Mickey doesn't know me all that well yet.
Most of you that read my crap, shitty template and all, so says luin, realize that I'm not always eager to share my opinions!!
And usually when I do my spelling and grammar are atrocious.
Just ask Suzy
But, Mickey, since you asked, here's what I think.

What do I think about John Murtha? If that's who your asking about. I think he's a low life fucking ass hole, that's what I think of him. He isn't doing anyone any good with his bullshit antics and political posturing, knowing that being anti war is in vogue. This is George Bush's mess. What Marines and Soldiers do to survive, or in effort to win the war should not be subject to political rebuttal. These radical extremists are nobody to screw with. I say take them out by whatever means possible. If there's collateral damage, to bad. End our involvement, get our troops out, and there won't be any fodder for ass holes like John Murtha. He may be a highly decorated Marine, but he is also a politician who is a gnat on the ass of humanity, and a detriment to those of us who are against the war in Iraq. He is not our friend!!!

There, I got that out of the way!!!
Now I gotta go check something out.
When I was getting luin and Suzy's links, for the pimpin section of this piece of crap, I think I saw something about multiple orgasms, and the Titanic.

I almost forgot. Tomorrow is, Get Over It Day.
How time flys, it seems like last Get Over It day was only yesterday?
When you do as much stupid shit as I do, every day is get over it day.
But if you have a few minutes with nothing to do, Check it out!
JR aka Wouldy