Sunday, March 11, 2007


I'm not going to waste a lot of time bithching in this post.
I'm just going to drop in some hop links to a few disturbing pages.
Disturbing to me, that is. I'm sure there are many with opposing views.
The three of you that read my blatherings, know how I feel about Iraq, or in particular the war going on there.
It seems there's a group of people in Tacoma Washington protesting the shipment of vehicles and equipment belonging to the 4th Bde 2nd Inf Div., to Iraq.
The individuals loading the equipment are members of that brigade. They are dedicated men and women who are serving our, that's yours and mine, country, proudly.
They had nothing to do with starting this war.
Most, if asked, would tell you that they don't realy want to go to Iraq to fight in a civil war that is no longer about protecting our homeland. Most would rather be going to Afghanistan to put an end to al Quaida, and the Taliban, where we should have stayed focused in the first place!!
Most would rather be in a bar having a beer, or smoking a fatty with you guys, than doing what they are doing.

The three of you, who read this crap, already know that my son Matt is serving in the "duece four".
These proud and courageous individuals were willing, (when they signed up), to do what ever their government asked them to do, without question, and they are now living up to that commitment. Regardless of whether you think it is a worthwile endeavor.
I too am against this war!!
I protest also.
But you won't see me partaking in acts of civil disobedience and hindering the guys that are serving to protect our rights.
I write letters to senators and congressmen and newspapers. I question candidates for office, and I voted almost unanimously Democrat in the mid term election after spending most of my life as a Republican.
The botom line is that if you are committed to being a protestor, go to Washington. Block Presidential motorcades, and limosines transporting our leaders. Go lay down on the runway in front of Air Force one. Aim your protest efforts at those deserving of the hassle, and leave the people who are merely living up to their committment alone.

Here are some links. PORT OLYMPIA>WATCH THE VIDS.>

Watch the You Tube clips, and listen to the talk.
I wish these folks could go too Iraq to sit in front of military vehicles. Or better yet attend a beheading.
I said I wouldn't bitch. I'll save that for Tuesday.


  1. committed to being a protestor, go to Washington. Block Presidential motorcades, a

    Good idea dad. Doing what these "folk", well meaning or not, are not doing the troops any good.

    ot-Gonna try to figure out your map thingy (: