Monday, March 12, 2007


Following is an excerpt from a notice put out by one Ray Kavic, who appears to be the leader of the civil disobedience being conducted in Port Olympia, Tacoma Washington.
If your a first time reader, check out last blog to better understand what is going on!

"We will meet at the corner of Lincoln and Milawakee, the intersection where everyone got gassed. Let's show these rutheless, bloodthirsty pigs that we are not afraid of going back to where the confrontation happened and that we will not stop. The boat will be gone soon and if we do nothing, especially after what they did to us", INCASE YOU MISSED
what the police did to them. "we will all regret it later".So, are you protesting the ship leaving, our the police for gassing you? "Bring all of your friends, tell them to bring all of their friends, and be there at the corner of Lincoln and Milawakee at 9pm. From there, after or before, we will figure out what to do on Tuesday, but let's just worry about being there tomorrow.
Please spread this widely".
"Love you all",

Ray Kavick".

This Ray Kavick appears to think that he is the leader of this fine band of hooligans.
This Vietnam War Protester, yup, a card carrying member of the SDS, (Students for a Democratic Society). Knows better.
He is more than likely a college student, or drop out, who thinks he's doing a great deal to change the way our government conducts it's business.
Maybe some loose canon Green Peace out cast, frustrated and looking for some place to belong.
When in reality, he is just the lackey for some greater entity.
The generals in these movements are rarely visible. They get someone else to wind up the pawns, and get gassed and shot with rubber bullets, all the while watching from afar.
Ray, your nothing but a low level grunt.
Love ya.

PS I almost forgot the idea!!
Why don't the bunch of ya get a really long piece of one inch od rope and tie yourselves to the ship. See if you can keep it in port!!
Yeah, that ought to work out quite nicely for ya. And, looking on the bright side, the salt water will heal all the welts from those rubber bullets.
PPSS My days of civil disobedience ended when I got drafted in 1970. I came to appreciate just how screwed up our government is when it comes to it's military personnel. You should all go in mass and conduct a random act of kindness.
Thank those men in uniform for what they do, so you have the right to do what you do without a bomb going off in the middle of your protest.
Just imagine how bad that would sting.

Just so you know, I am against the war. I despise the Bush administration and everything it stands for.
I conduct my protest through e-mails and blogging, and calling my senators and representatives regularly, rather than wasting my time, and making a target and a fool out of myself.


  1. Hey Ray, why don't you bend over and spread those cheeks widely. Hopefully a rubber bullet will find it's way to uranus.
    Love ya
    George Custer

  2. Hey, I`ve got an idea. Lets all meet tomorrow at 8:00 and protest the protestors.

    *mixing cocktail`s of gasoline and ivory soap flakes...

  3. I thought you'd never respond. LOL
    That would be a protest against protestors protesting.

    Can I have mine straight up, with a twist.tity twist that is.

    "I love the mell of napalm in the morning"

  4. Anonymous has a hair lip, can't say smell, and he stutters.

  5. They make me think of the causeheads from the movie PCU.