Monday, March 5, 2007


So, I was thinking of occupations,
on my drive to work this morning. My thoughts took a round about approach, to what was really on my mind.
Strange, but as the thought began to develop I was approaching an intersection in our little city that is being converted to a traffic circle.
Seems to be the rage in these parts. Those who are empowered to make such decisions, are of the opinion that round abouts, that’s what they call them, obviously not well enough informed to realize that there is a difference between a round about and a traffic circle. They should know the diff being as there was some were in the neighborhood of three hundred thousand dollars spent on traffic studies during the process of deciding the best method of alleviating traffic congestion on that particular stretch of highway.
But that’s a subject for another blog.
Back to the occupation thing.
So I was thinking, how do people decide what they want to be? We all had to give it some thought at some point.
When you were a child did you ever think I want to be an astronaut when I grow up? I bet most kids, if asked today, would want to be a policeman or fireman, a doctor or nurse. But can you think of anyone of your childhood friends that when asked that simple, yet so complex question, said “I want to be a proctologist”?
Now I can understand a child, who maybe over heard a conversation, getting a thought like that ingrained in their mind for a period of time. Sooner or later they have to come to the realization of what it is a proctologist has to do day after day.
I’m sure they get paid well for what they do. Sort of like the guy that cleans the septic tanks, but who, ever, wants to be one of them.
About the time I was really getting into this thought, I pulled into the parking lot at work, and thought that as a general manager of a petroleum company, I deal with a lot of ass wholes from time to time, but not hour after hour, day after day.

I'd really like to hear from a proctologist or two.
Maybe you could explain the attraction of the profession. Or did you over hear your dad exclaiming to be an ass man when you were a child, and you wanted to be like dad?


  1. boy, you sure like fat people.

  2. Ha Ha, I like all people.
    It just so happens that fat people are funnier than most.
    I'm no skin flint, but I'm light weight to those folks.
    There's plenty more where they came from, just click on any of the pics, should take you to the site.

  3. I wonder if proctologists admit to being proctologists when they introduce themselves to other people. I think they just say they're doctors.

    Funnily enough, while this comment box was loading it said it was waiting on ssl-google.anal... Fitting.

  4. I don't know that I've ever met a proctologist?
    So your probably on to something?
    I have the feeling most of them set out to be some other type of doctor, but couldn't make the grades. They didn't want to have to tell their friends, so they settled for proctology.
    Either that or they wanted to be OBGYNs and took a wrong turn.