Sunday, March 4, 2007


I've been accused of being a blog pimp!!
Alert blogger,LUIN.Pointed out that I, sometimes, add hop links in my posts to bloggers who comment on my blog.
Would I do that?
Check her blog out. It's always fun, except when she's being bitchy!!
Then it's a riot.
I guess I am a bit of a pimp.

When people comment on my shit hole of a stupid blog, I always take a look at theirs.
If I like it, I try to reference it in a future post, and provide a link so others can enjoy.
I usually poke some kind of fun, like at my spelling and grammar coach,SUZY. She’s a stand up comic from the left coast.
Must be out of work? Sure seems to have a lot of time to WASTE picking apart my spelling!

So yes I am a pimp, to a certain degree.

The difference is I don't expect payment for my services.
(I have to say that for legal purposes.)

If anyone wants to send me a hundred or so, (so no one gets hurt), I accept cash only! Small bills please!!

If you comment on a post of mine, and don't want to be pimped, say so.
I will respect your privacy.

If, however you want to have some fun, (it might get rude and crude), just comment, and lets see where it goes!!
One thing to remember, it's all fun and games.

And when Bruno shows up, you better have my money!! Or you will lose an eye!!

JR aka Heywould

Everything you see on this blog is provided by professionals.
Do not attempt to recreate at home.


  1. I'm proud of you for wasting time talking about me.

  2. This pimping thing isn’t good for my waist line though.
    To much sitting around typing!!

  3. You know, you get a few more reqders and you are really gonna get sick of the pimpage.

  4. I don't consider them readers.
    Their more like friends.
    Friends that can talk about, and say things through the blog, that they would probably never say face to face.
    Why am I wasting this.

    I'll turn into a post, and pimp you two some.
    Your my only readers anyway.

  5. Geezus Mickey don't sneak up on me like that!! When I'm trying to make time with the ladies!!