Saturday, April 21, 2007


Two games in a row. Come frome behind 7 to 6 last night, and 7 to 5 today.
How sweet it is!!

I know, it's only April, but us Sox fans have to gloat whenever we get the opportunity.
The fact is the Yankees don't suck.
They are consistantly, year after year a great team.
George Stienbrenner sucks.
He's the one that started paying players obnoxious salaries cause it was the only way he could get them to come and play in the Bronx. He openned the flood gates, and now it is next to impossible for the average family to afford to attend a game.
I was at the game on Patriots day.
My ticket was a birthday present from one of my thoughtful sons, but it was $65. A hot dog is $4.00, a beer $8.00. Bottled water $3.00. Peanuts, $4.25. Unbelievable.

Now on to more important matters.

I am guilty of doubting that the war in Iraq was about oil!
I admit it and I say I'm sorry to those of you who were more asstute than I.
I wasn't aware that there are huge deposits of light sweet crude under ground in Iraq.
I assumed that where as most of the crude that comes from the middle east is heavy sour, that Iraq's crude would surely be the same.
Turns out I was wrong.
Seems that the war may very well be about insuring that the new government of Iraq is agreeable to turning the control of the deposits over to big oil companies.
I stumbled across this this morning, from a link a picked up in a newspaper article.
Bush's Petro-Cartel Almost Has Iraq's Oil.

Could it be that old Muggy is trying to insure that Iraqi's don't get hosed by the big oil boys?
If this is true, George Bush and every other individual involved should be tried for war crimes, and racketeering, in Iraq, under Iraqi law.
I wonder how they'd make out?

Bush upbeat on Iraq security plan.
Say's he can see the improvement

Maybe they don't have internet in the White House.
I think the hole operation is going down the toilet.
But who the hell am I?

You be the judge.

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The hell of it all is there doesn't seem to be much hope for the future.
All the Democrats want to talk about is what's wrong. They keep pointing out the faults of the republicans, but I don't think they have a plan.
It's about time they start talking about the issues.


  1. The Angels are the only team to have a winning record against the Yank's year after year. The Dodger's, owned by Fox owner Rupert Murdoch, suck out loud.

    Since the Commander in Chief is the only one who can put a plan into action, what the Dem's have to say is moot. But, it seems that they are going to choke off the funding for this shit war. Bush says that the Pentagon is in need of dough to keep the war going. That's funny, since the Pentagon has announced they have an adequate bankroll to keep the war machine rolling for six more months.

    By diverting some of the funds Dumbya is asking for the Dem's seem to be putting the brakes on the machine. This will cause it to slow to a safe enough speed for the soldiers to jump off and thumb a ride home.
    Any real plan Dem's have will be vetoed, pissed on and tossed to the wind by the Cartel in Chief. They know this. Cutting off funding is the only brake pedal they can use. If Bush cares a lick for our son's and daughter's in the military he'll get the hell out.

    Don't count on it.

  2. By the whey, I have fired all other Rudy's and added you to my good people links. Your name will remain here.

    My son was not sent to Iraq like he was the last two Februarys. Instead, he is training those who have not yet been there. I pray...I mean, I hope that those he has trained come back alive. I hope even more that your son also comes home in the same condition, physically and emotionally, as he left.

    You are always more than welcome on MY blog, sir.

  3. We saw the Angels vs. Red Sox, Patriots Day.
    I think they’ll have a good team once the season gets in full swing.
    After being snowed out for a week in Cleveland, they were a little rusty.
    L. A. baseball scene is a might different than New York and Boston.
    Seems going to a game is more about being seen, and who you’re seen with?
    I might be wrong. In Boston it’s all about winning, and the fans are crazy about their team.
    Ask Bill Buckner.

    I miss spoke in the closing comment of that last post.
    Should have read, somebody needs to start talking about a plan that has substance, not just what they know people want to hear so they can get elected.
    Frankly I could give a shit who it is, Republican or Democrat.

    Thank your son for me for his service.
    I was a drill sergeant in my military days. I know all to well the stress of training young men to go off and see and be involved in unspeakable horror.
    Trainers have the worst job of all.
    We always had the doubt that we had done enough.
    Especially when the death toll starts climbing.
    My reasons for being against the war are many.
    The most prevalent is reason is selfish.
    I want my son out of that shit hole in one piece, and mentally sound.
    I guess that’s the parent in me.
    I enjoyed the written combat with the other Rudys. Sometimes!
    Once I started getting deleted, (censored), I lost interest.
    My buddy Heywould on the other hand, gets a little carried away from time to time.
    He drinks a bit too much scotch, or CC & Ginger, or beer, what ever happens to be in stock and gets a little off subject and rude at times.
    I can’t fire him.
    When he shows up he’s the boss.

  4. I dont know what you guys are thinking of. WTF, you think the US can go into another country and control it in a short time like kuwait? Ask russia.That was fluke.

    Listen, everybody makes mistakes. If you want victory, there`s going to be sacrifices.

    I understand the selfish -ness of being parents. I`ve got a brother-in-law flying choppers over there today.(2nd hitch) He was in kuwait, central america and grenada. When there is`nt a war, he`s in the nat`l guard or flying medivac for the local hospital.

    We gotta fight for freedom. Dont matter who the fuck started it. If that does`nt make sense to you, start going to the mosque where you belong.

  5. BTW, can you make your font smaller?

  6. Sorry, that was the other Mickey/smirk.

  7. How's this font size Huh?
    It's time we quit screwing around with this failed security mission, and turn the whole damned country into a parking lot.
    I'm sick and tired of screwing around with the cowards that call themselves terrorist.
    Stop blowing up stuff and come out and fight like men.
    Ass wholes


  9. we need to give them a good shot at getting lead poisoning.