Sunday, April 22, 2007


Today I’ll share with you a very well kept secret.

Keene, New Hampshire.

Keene is located in the south west corner of New Hampshire.

While it is not a hot spot of tourist attractions, it is a beautiful little city with a lot to offer. This is a picture of Keene as it usually looks this time of year. After three weeks of rain and snow, and lower than average temperatures, we won't see this lovely view for another week or two.

The downtown area of Keene, Central Square pictured above, is a wonderful place to stroll, shop, and just relax and take in the views. For information on the city, and what to do, where to stay and dine, and area attractions,


If your planning on being in Keene in the fall, the world famous Pumpkin Festival,

takes place the third weekend in October.
If you are not afraid of crowds, this can be an amazing extravaganza.
If you want to attend this year, you are probably to late to get a room, as they book up from one year to the next.

I would recommend a visit to the beautifully refurbished Colonial Theatre while in Keene.

For information check here.THE COLONIAL THEATRE

If your visit brings to Keene during the summer season and you are a baseball fan, don't miss the Swamp Bats.

A perennial power in the NECBL, they are a treat to watch.
Several former Swamp Bats are playing in the major leagues at this time.
Alumni Field, the home of Swamp Bats baseball is a beautiful setting on a warm summer evening to take in a game of baseball, the way it ought to be played.
For all the information you'll need, CLICK HERE

This is but a small sampling of things to enjoy in the Keene area.
I'll try to feature more attractions in this wonderful area of New England in future Sunday morning posts.

I can be contacted by following my email address posted in the information section of the blog, for more personalized information.


  1. I would imagine that New Hampshire is pretty in the fall...I miss fall don't get too many in Texas. :-(!

    The pics you posted with the scenery are pretty. I want to plan a trip along that part of the country...honeymoon maybe? This just makes me want to plan it even more!!

  2. Tink, watch out for the drunks ( ;

    dad- I live in a small town too, near Omaha-ha. Although I lived in a small town as a kid and complained about " nothing to do" I`m glad I moved away from Omaha years ago. My folks still live there. My mom wont move, she likes rush hour traffic.

    Now you know why I am the way I am.

  3. Tink, when you get in the planning stage, get in touch. I will give you some suggestions, and links. Save you some time.
    Keene is very nice, but Pourtsmouth, is a beautiful old city on the ocean, and the White mountains are nice also.
    Oh, and pay no attention to my buddy Mickey, he's reformed! You know how they can be!

    Mic, Funny how our perception of things changes when we get older.
    I don't know much about Omaha, other than there's an insurance company, they've got some good steaks, way to expensive, and a minor league baseball team.

  4. Granted, I'm a terrible commenter (only because I'm not very politically minded!) but jeez! Come back will ya?

  5. Hey mr ambassador, dont forget to tell them about this great attraction too. Yeah, you bet, that will be my 1st stop.

  6. luin, the only thing you need to know about politics, is that all politicians ar liars.
    Oh....and Bush is a arrogant ass whole.

    heywoody? Watchoo talkinbout icky?