Friday, April 27, 2007


Alec Baldwin went public this week to apologize for calling his daughter, Ireland, a "thoughtless little pig", in a message that he left on her answering machine!
Evidently the message was leaked to the internet by his estranged wife, Kim Basinger.
I haven't had a warm and fuzzy about her since, Terms Of Endearment.
When I heard about this the first thing that popped into my mind was, "what the hell does an 11 year old girl need an answering machine for in the first place?
Anyway, here's my point.
There are way to many Alec Baldwinesque shit heads out there parenting.
I ask you, take a good look at this picture and tell me who the thoughtless pig is.

WHOOPS, wrong file photo, lets try again,

There, that's better.
How could any father call this lovely young lady a thoughtless pig?
You see this is the problem with the world.
Alec and Kim obviously have issues, and they are using Ireland as a pawn in their chess match.
Keep screwing around, Alec, and see what you get.

I'll bet Lyle and Eric's mom and dad would like a second chance at parenting.
Children learn what they live.
If you tell them enough times they aren't worth a shit, they will come to believe it.
I wonder what Lionel would do differently,given another chance.

He seems to think he did everything right, and he can't understand why Jeffrey, turned out the way he did.
I don't know about you, but the last thing I want when I have friends over for dinner is my kid eating them.It doesn't make a good impression.

I suppose all of us who have children can feel very lucky that ours didn't end up like,

Or his brother,

Or is IT his sister?

Well, as usual I've gotten way off the path.
The point I was trying to make was simply that we need to be responsible parents.
We shouldn't take our stress out on the kids. Just let them be children as long as they can.
Or we might all end up with families like this.



  1. I don't know about you, but the last thing I want when I have friends over for dinner is my kid eating them.I


  2. Kim Basinger, Terms of Endearment? Was that a joke or are you just not up on your movie lore?

  3. OK, I may not be a parent, but I KNOW I've been called MUCH worse by my parents than thoughtless little pig. And I've probably deserved all of them (except one - and I never let him live it down). I don't really see the big deal...

  4. luin- I agree.

    ::for whtevr thats worth:::

  5. Suzy, I meant Fatal Attraction.
    And I guess that was Glenn Close.
    Oh well what's the difference, a blonde is a blonde.
    Besides, most of the people who read my crap aren't as ass-toot as you! %?)

    Luin,Yeah like it didn't have any effect on you!!

    Mic, raB sI nepO,
    I'll have a Bud.

  6. Absolutely no effect. Daddy can call me whatever he wants - he raised me, paid for everything I ever wanted, gave me whatever I wanted. If I behave like a little shit, well, he is my Dad, he has the right to.

  7. Did you have an answering machine when you were 11?

  8. Read Alec's book before you get on your high-horse you thoughtless little pig of an author.

  9. I love comments left by anonymous writers.
    I guess I'll get off my high horse and go around back to see who it might be.