Sunday, April 29, 2007


Homers keep Sox in charge of Yanks!


Team W L Pct GB L10 Strk

Red Sox 16 8 .667 - 7-3 W1
Blue Jays 12 12 .500 4 4-6 W1
Orioles 12 13 .480 4 ½ 4-6 L1
Devil Rays 11 14 .440 5 ½ 5-5 W1
Yankees 9 14 .391 6 ½ 2-8 L1
This a picture that every Sox fan lives for.
I'm going to have it framed on put it on my office wall.

Ortiz, Cora, Ramirez extend Boston's first-place lead in AL East.

While A-Rod and Jeter do who knows what?

And I leave you with a collage of Yankee fan pictures.

First one of NY State police controlling the crowd after the latest Yankee debacle at the hands of the Sox.
I threw this one in for my buddy,

And one for, ::RUDY::
The guy on the right looks like him.

Then I threw these guys in just because they looked like Yankee fans when Big Papi belted that home run in the first.

And I din't want to leave ::LUIN::out because I know how sensitive she is.

What a waste of man eh L?
I think they crapped their speedos then turned em around for effect.
Or they stuffed a tater in thar!!!!


  1. AaaaaaaaaaH

    Got a haircut(template) huh, rudy will never know the difference.
    BTW went over there today and he deleted everyone, which kinda makes me think.....everyone???

  2. We can hope that he got hacked by some right to chooser, and they wipe him out all together.

  3. When ya gonna run for Governor,revernd?

  4. When we start our own state.
    What will we call it?