Monday, April 30, 2007


Today I start, (wait a minute, before you read on, go over to the right, thats ---> that way for you ambidextrous folk that can't tell your right from your left, and push the button to go to my map and stick a pin in your location. Just do it, I s know you've been here, I see it on my tracker, now do me the honor) a new venture.
Thats right, marketing.
Now anybody that has followed my feeble attempts at blogging is probably saying to themselves, WTF, old dad has lost his mind.
He's really gone this time.
Well not so fast nay sayers.
With help of my director of marketing,
Heywould Jablowme, I will search the world for new and exiting products that, well, quite frankly you won't find just anywhere.

To kick of our spring line up, we are proud to have been given the exclusive rights to the Jeffrey Dahmer line of cutlery, and kitchen appliances.

These are all first rate items, and each is backed by our life time guarantee.
But don't take our word for it, read what some of our satisfied customers have to say.
"I have used my Jeffrey Dahmer Cutlery set time and time again. The knives have never failed to perform just as expected.
And, Elizabeth Bathory,

"Since buying this set of knives I have been so quick and efficient, that I have more time to pamper myself.
It's almost sinful".

So why wait, get your credit card out and call now, our highly trained and competent sales reps are waiting to assist you.

Remember, every item that we sell is backed by our unconditional satisfaction guarantee.


  1. Like the new look. How did you get the title in bright blue? This must be new stuff from the new Blogger, no?

    I can't change templates because I'll lose all my sidebar shit and have to put it in again. I had to do that when I changed my first template. I was not happy. My old template is from old Blogger. Did that happen to you?

  2. Nope, everything came along when I changed. Worked quite easily.
    I used the old fashioned method to get the bright blue.
    font color=blue, (won't let me post the < > here! and thats what I got.
    Like the cost of War counter.
    Thanks for the tip.

    I changed from old to new and can attest to some of those pesky(fuckin)
    glitches. They had to coax me for a long time and then just changed it over for me i.e. had no choice.

    While the sidebar does disappear, it`s fun to go back and maybe remove some things(shit) you're embarrassed putting up in the first place(yeah sure it is).

    Talkin from own personal Xperience.sss'

    *chewing on toenail



    Fuck you too !

    faggot !



    HoHoHo Merry Christmas


    I'm getting carri....`

  4. You know, its standard, but atleast its cleaner. I'm happy you changed over.

    As for this post...well...I don't really know what to say...

  5. Mickey, I haven't experienced any problems since changing over?

    I haven't seen Wouldy since I posted his pic. He warned against it, said the ramitfacations,(his word), would be far reaching!
    So I'm waiting for the other shoe to fall.

    Luin, Sometimes silence speaks volumes..

  6. Oh yeah, don't be spittin them frickin toe nails all about my new digs.

  7. And, Luin, some of us don't have the discretionary spending cash to pay for a nice high class place like you got on the upper east side of the blogosphere.
    I spend my on scotch, and amunition.

  8. Ha ha! Neither do I - I'm a poor college student with no money but really nice friends.

    I'm building a website for Scoot, maybe when I'm done I'll do yours.

  9. I'd like to do one for the guys in Iraq, if I can be serious for a minute.
    I've been all over the place asking for people to donate space, etc.
    So far Typepad is the only place to take me up.
    They offered one year free of their premium service.
    When you have the time, if your willing, let me know. /seriousness
    Hey, maybe you could meat (whoops) meet some guys?

  10. I'm willing, when I get the time. I am finishing Scoot's now - should have it up tonight - I was thinking about for yours a camo blog.

  11. Sounds good.
    When ever, no rush, their there for 15 months at least, 18 if the pentagon gets their way!!