Sunday, April 8, 2007


Sunday Morning in New England, and you are here in person to witness the very first post of what I hope to be many in a series of blatherings about my corner of the world.
Those of you who visit this space on a regular basis know that I have a different twist on a lot of different things.
I like to cruise the Internet and find things to put up that can be thought provoking, inspiring, or sometimes make you want to delete me, and my blog, from the face of the blogosphere.
A couple things you need to know before wandering into my world.
I am accepting of most everybody.
Even though it may not always look it.
I don't intend to hurt feelings, or demean anyone.
Keep in mind that during serious posts I will employ spell check, but at other times I write in hic mode, so hooked on phonics is the modus operandi.
And I ain't takin no shit about it without retorting in kind.
Except from,Suzy , who writes a great blog, and use to give me grief about such things a diction, spelling and grammar.
She's to embarrassed by me to add me to her blog roll.
I consider her a friend anyway.

You may feel free to post comments.
If your writings are hilarious, I might ask you to be a guest author.
Just keep in mind when commenting.
I operate by the law of payback. And, I show no mercy!!
PLEASE, whether you comment or not, take the time to put a pin in my map. The Bravenet button over to the left there. I want to brag about where y-all (I'm from southern NE) come from!!
So please, take a few minutes to look around, stick the map, and comment if you care to.

The picture to the top is of Mount Monadnock. This is a view I get to see every day. The name is from the Squantum native American, (I still call em Indians)but my friend and co part native American, Mohawk Chieftan the chief gets a little testy with me about it., and means something like vast up cropping of rock.
It is located in Jaffrey New Hampshire and considered to be the second most climbed mountain in the world.
To see and learn more about Monadnock, check it out here. Jaffrey.
Anyone thinking about visiting New England, drop me a line, I can get you a wealth of information, and save you some time and aggravation.
In future Sunday Mornings In New England posts, I will feature other areas of interrest in this neck of the woods.

Today is the second of life without being able to get in touch with Matt.
As you can see, he shares the old man's sarcastic way.

His unit flew out on Friday eve or early Saturday morning with stops in Bangor, Maine, Ramstein Germany, and destination Kuwait.
He is on black out, and we probably won't hear from him until next week sometime.
All we know is that they are to train in Kuwait for a month, and then they are headed somewhere north.
I actually know a little more than that, but would not disclose it in this forum.
So this morning at eight am the phone rings bringing on the first attack of anxiety.
Who the hell is calling us on Sunday morning, no one ever calls us on Sunday morning!!Ah hell was there a plane crash, oh god.
I remember that I am on call for the business I manage, in case questions arise, but no, it's not them, my wife has answered the phone at the other end of the house, and I don't hear anything alarming going on in her tone, so I start to breathe normally, and the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach goes away.Turns out it's just son #2 wanting the s.o.p for Easter dinner.
Our tradition has turned from the big family gathering at grams house to us, my wife and I, taking the family out for a relaxing dinner, and conversation. No cooking, dishes, and cleaning.
The one empty seat at this years table is going to be hard to deal with.
Back to the phone call. he wrote, eyes welling with tears. It is certain too be the first of many over the next twelve, fourteen, or who knows how many months.
We keep telling ourselves "we'll get through this, everything will be alright", but deep down inside we know that this may not be true.
So if you are amongst those lucky enough to enjoy this wonderful celebration of the coming of spring with your family in tact. Please take a moment to think of all the families who will have someone out there doing the things that need to be done to insure that we are free to enjoy our way of life here in the greatest country on earth.
If your of a mind to, say a little prayer for all in harms way.
May god bless and keep them safe, and may you and yours enjoy health,happiness and prosperity in the coming months.


PS. I was going to post an article from the Providence Journal about the lengths some individuals will go in the zeal to protect kids from religion. And to be politically correct.
It is this old guys opinion that this is what's wrong with our world.
An excerpt from the article.
TIVERTON — The ban on the Easter Bunny’s appearance at the middle-school craft fair today has raised the ire of cottontail lovers everywhere — especially at the New York offices of the Catholic League.
At the direction of Schools Supt. William Rearick, Peter Rabbit will replace the Easter Bunny at a photo booth sponsored by the Parent-Teacher Council at today’s craft fair, a switch that caught the attention of Catholic League president Bill Donahue in Manhattan.
Donahue, who represents 300,000 members nationwide, said in a statement that it is “unconscionable that in this day and age Superintendent Rearick would choose to honor a thief.”
“As every schoolchild knows, Peter Rabbit stole from Mr. McGregor’s garden,” Donahue said.


  1. Good post and Happy Easter to you, reverend.

    Keep me and your other reader up to date on son.

    Keep telling your wife, no news is good news.

    And turn that god damn music down !!!

  2. Thanx Mic.
    Your #2.
    The mayhem oh the mayhem.
    Can't wait ta pull the plug on the theivin rabbit.


  3. I'm not embarrassed to add you to my blogroll. DON'T EVEN!

    The truth is that my blog is about Hollywood and I started getting SO many requests from people to blogroll them that I had to draw the line or I'd have 2 million people on the blogroll.

    Some of the earlier people I blogrolled, I shouldn't have, because they have nothing to do with show biz. I've removed some of them, (can you say Joe Blogs?)I try to make my blogroll interesting for people in my business to read.I check my site meter and people outclick to the show biz sites and don't ever out click on the non-showbiz sites.

    So there you go. I don't mean to offend you in any way. You've been a loyal supporter of my blog and I appreciate that and don't want to lose your friendship.

    I'm doing a post on the Free Plastic Surgery thingie for vets and I was hoping to include not only the picture of your son but a link back to your blog.

    I still hate Bush though so I know that counts for something.

    Peace out dude.

  4. You know something?
    That's the longest comment you've ever left me!
    You were one of the first to ever comment on my blog.
    (So was joeblogs)!!
    To point out that I should use spell check and check my grammar!!!! REMEMBER!
    I am honored that you consider me a friend, as I do you.
    You are more than welcome to lift anything from my blog, any time.
    If you elect to link back to me that’s a plus.
    I understand the integrity of your blogroll, and I agree with your point.
    Be sides, a lot of the people that you link to would find my blathering rather bizarre, at times, I’m sure.
    Hope the fires don't gettcha.
    (should that be one t or two)?