Thursday, April 5, 2007


That's right I'm still bitching! Take a look at the weather pixie.
It's April 9th! It's 28 degrees, AND we got six inches of snow last night!

And how about our budy Armadinajahd, or however the hell you spell it.
What a thoughtful guy, thinking to give a present to his friends in England!! How big of him?
If I'm Tony, I snatch up fifty or sixty Iranians, and give em back as presents!
Give Armedinerjahd 5 of em as a thanks for his gift, and hold the rest for special occaisions.
The U.S. bombs the shit out of Iran, give em back three or four as a token of sympathy.
Ramadan, a couple in the spirit of the holiday.
You see where I'm going with this. Hell Hostages as gifts. Brilliant.
Bet Hallmark could come up with some real creative cards.
What do you give the leader who has everything?
Why some of his citizens that your navy just happened to snatch.
Is it me, or does Armahdinerjad come off as a dwarf.
Or maybe the guys standing around him were extremely tall?
Hey, we can hope he snatches Nancy P while she's over there selling our souls to the Syrians.
She'd make someone a great gift.
Like Desmond Tutu.
Sorry she's white Desi. It was the best we could do in a pinch.

Oh well enough of that.
It's time to get on to some things I found while cruising the inf highway.
Funny Pictures
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For you gay guys, it is something to be ashamed of.
Chinese food any one.
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Puppy Foo Young!!
Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys.
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Make em be smokers and beer drinkers and such!!
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That's enough of that shit!!


  1. And now we know what happened to the "other children" that I know you once had but are unwilling to claim. They all died due to liver cancer in their teeny tiny livers. Bad!

  2. The weather pixie just flipped me off.

  3. Luin The youngest, Matt, see left sidebar, left last night for an all expense paid month in Kuwait, then he heads north to Anbar Province,
    The other two older ones are both available. Both drink, a habit they got from DAD, one smokes, I don't where the hell that came from, You want one of em send your address,and $49.95, for the non smoker, 9.99 smoker, and I'll ship him next day FED X.

    Mic and I don't suppose you did anything to instigate such rude behavior now did ya.

  4. I'll need a picture first and verification that all their shots are up to date. Thnx.

  5. Whoops, since last contact only the smoker is still available.
    He's clean, thoughtful, and plays well with others.
    As a matter of fact, we were all playing with with others last night.I don't feel so good today.
    Had fun tho, had loads of fun.

  6. He is acceptable. Do you have a paypal account?

  7. Funny you should mention it.
    I do.
    Use to do a lot of selling on Ebay.
    I'll email you the lads myspace address, you look him up if you want.

  8. LOL, I think he might just be pissed off for a while at you for selling him to such a nutcase as myself, but go ahead. Is that $9.99 +tax?

  9. Hmm we'll see who's pissed,.
    Just remember!!
    All items sold by Dewey Schrewem & Howe, are sold as is where is.
    Items depicted on our web page may be facsimiles and may be larger, smaller, older, or younger than they appear.
    No guarantee stated our otherwise implied, as to age, mileage, or defects.
    No human being sold is to be engaged in servitude, or actions to be filmed, or otherwise displayed in a fashion deemed to be pornographic in nature.
    (What you do with them in the privacy of your home is your business, not ours.)
    If at anytime you should be unsatisfied with anything you buy from us, sell it to someone else.