Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Different night same old attitude!!!


What ever happened to teachers molding our young children to be the good citizens for the future?
What teacher wakes up one morning and thinks, today would be a good day to scare the hell out of a few sixth graders.


I think the teachers involved should be subjected to a fake terrorist abduction.
Let them think, if just for a minute, that they are going to be beheaded.
What do ya think Mickey, you up for a little trip to Murfreesboro?


What kind of a loser sets fire to the apartment building next door, while friends are sleeping in it?

Losers like this!!

That's right. In the sleepy little hamlet of Jaffrey New Hampshire, my home town, this handsome fella is alleged to have done just that.


For all of us who know and understand that there is nothing anyone will do to convince the Bush administration to institute a plan that gets us out of this mess, now is the time to start paying attention to the candidates.
The person that will get my vote will be the one who has the best plan for dealing with this situation.
That doesn't necessarily mean an immediate withdrawal, but a well defined plan of how we will proceed, and when we will say we've done all we can, now it's time for the Iraqi government to fend for themselves.
The only plan George has is to set new goals and ask for more money, when his old plan falls apart.
In the latest news, VP Cheney went to Iraq last week to implore the ai-Maliki government not to go on a planned two month vacation.
I say if they do, we go on a permanent vacation.

Just keep drawing new lines in the sand Gwya.


When a young mans fancy turns to love!!

Aint it grand?


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  2. I changed my mind, lets go down/up to jaffrey and take care of this.
    You know what they do up here with broken clocks dont ya?

    Throw `em away.

    This might take a little time, I dont member so good any more.
    But it will be worth it.

    Student scare- I think it's funny. What a bunch of whiny little brats. When I was that age, a local cop picked me up off the ground with one hand by my throat. He told me if I tell anyone...curtains.
    (kids were 16/17 right ? least thats how old I was in 6th grade)

    Teachers- They dont get paid OR trained properly. A teacher has to be a(today) shrink too. Pay `em more and allow `em to pack; unless they already know karate.

    Murfreesboro- Only for drinks son, only for drinks.

    Hometown-receives $629 a month in disability insurance. Whats the disability? Know?
    Cuz it aint(sic) depression, I know that for sure.

    Dubya- Come over to my page and we'll discuss it.

    pics and links were good.

  3. Who are you and what have you done with Mickey?

  4. When I was that age a local cop tried to wake me up, (I was passed out in the back seat), I broke his nose! He called my mother, she hit me so hard uo side my head it near ruptured my ear drum. I was scared of cops after that. I newver hit another one, I can tell you that!!

    The mock gun scare was a bit over board. I think, But I gotta agree that kids get away with to much now a days.
    No respect for authority.

    the fargin pukes.