Tuesday, May 15, 2007



On Friday the news came from Iraq that a patrol had been ambushed 20 miles south east of Baghdad.
Matt's mother and I waited anxiously, and searched the net for names, pictures, anything, as 20 miles south of Baghdad is where he is!
By Sunday morning he had signed on to his Myspace site, bringing great relief to us.
Then the guilt and sadness set in.
It wasn't Matt, but it was someone's son, father, brother!!
Those of us who are parents think we know how we would feel if we lost one of our children. I suppose that we can't possibly!
I hope that I never have to.
And yet as long as our sons and daughters are in harms way, that nagging terrible, worrying thought is always there. Imagine the first time your son or daughter misses curfew, how the minutes hang like hours until the car finally comes up the drive, then magnify that by a hundred, and you can begin to realize the feeling that haunts every quite moment that I have to myself to sit and think.
For the loved ones of Sgt. 1st Class James David Connell Jr., 40, of Lake City, Tenn.

And 19-year-old Pfc. Daniel Courneya, of Vermontville Mich.

That greatest of fears became reality.
My heart goes out to them.
I sit here typing through the tears, with fingers shaking, wishing that I could write something that would make a difference. Something that if their families, or those of any of the other heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq, should stumble onto my blog, would make it just a little better.
I know I can't.

News today brings information that the men involved were from the 10th Mountain Div.
Now the worrying begins again, as all the names aren't out, and a friend of Matt's from high school is in the 10th.
So we wait and hope and pray that it isn't him. Then the guilt of selfishness comes again.
Here is an AP article about the incident.

May god bless and keep all of our troops in harms way safe!


  1. I once had some kind of fucked up thing with a guy in the 10th Mountain Division on Fort Drum. I really thought that for a while I hated him (like I said, we had some kind of fucked up thing), but when I read this in the news I freaked out and went on a hunt for his name (last I knew he was nearing the end of his stay on Fort Drum but was considering staying in).

    We see guys from Fort Drum up here all the time. They're good boys.

  2. The 10th is a storied unit.
    Trained killers.
    Best to be in a unit like that, the 1st the 101, 2nd/23rd etc when your going into battle.
    If going to fight, I want the best beside me. More chances of survival.
    It's hard to find out the location of anybody in the military now, with all the shit going on.
    The last thing a soldier who gets captured needs is a terrorist googleing their name and finding their home address and shit.
    Thanks for stopping bye!
    I was missing ya.