Friday, May 18, 2007



It won't make any more sense, it's just the way it was meant to be.
So just do it and don't give a hard time.

It wasn't the bag, or my first issue of Rifleman magazine!!
In fact it wasn't even for me.
Now I'm depressed again.
Hell I might go out and shoot a rabbit or two.
Damn things been eating up my garden.
Any way, if you want to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights, join the NRA.

They don't care if your a liberal, conservative, or something in between.
You'll get lots of neat benefits, and a patch, decal for your pickup, and a one year subscription to a magazine.
Do it today.


  1. Amwn to joining the NRA. I am a special fan of Sigarms and their extra-vigorous line of hand-held weapons. Expensive, but superior.

  2. Nigel,
    How wonderful of you to stop by.
    This shit hole can use some charm and savoir fare. (I don't speak French).
    I am a collector of Remington Rifles, and Ithaca shotguns.
    A friend has a 9mm P226 X-Five Sig Saver.
    Very nice handling weapon.

  3. Bout time ya did sumthin useful wit yur life ya retard.
    Now if I kin git yer inta the Klan, ya might start mountin ta sumthin.